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Buy! Samsung HW-Q990B in just $1,749.99 at Best Buy

The Samsung HW-Q990B is an excellent choice for mixed use. This 11.1.4 bar has a neutral sound that makes it suitable for everything from vocal-centric TV shows to music and movies. You have access to a plethora of customization tools, making it simple to tailor the sound of the bar to your preferences. Its rear speakers add an immersive quality to the sound, making it appear to wrap all around you. There is adequate height, particularly with Dolby Atmos content, bringing a cinematic experience right into your living room. It’s a fantastic bar, but its high price tag may not be suitable for everyone.

The main soundbar weighs 17 pounds and measures 2.5 by 48 by 5.3 inches (HWD), with the front panel’s left and right corners set diagonally. The soundbar alone contains seven of the system’s eleven and one-quarter (16 total) channels: left, center, and right on the front surface; left and right width on the diagonal corners; and left and right height projecting upward from the top surface. A metal grille covers the entire front and top surfaces of the soundbar, protecting all of the drivers inside, as well as a small panel with four rubber controls for multifunction (play/pause), volume up/down, and mic on/off. An LED display on the right side of the front grille displays the status of the bar, as well as the current input and volume level.

All of the connections for the soundbar are housed in three recesses on the back panel: an optical audio port on the right, an eARC HDMI output and two HDMI inputs in the middle, and the power cable on the left. On the back panel, there’s also a USB-A service port and two keyholes for mounting the soundbar to the wall.

The two satellites are 7.5-pound, 7.6-by-5.2-by-5.6-inch black boxes with flattened hexagonal profiles. Metal grilles cover the front and top panels of each satellite, as well as the left panel on the right satellite and the right panel on the left satellite. These satellites cover the channels surround left, surround right, surround height left, and surround height right. Each speaker has a power cable connector, a status LED, a reset button, and a screw mount for wall or stand mounting on the back.

The subwoofer is the system’s most basic component; it’s a black box measuring 16.3 by 9 by 16.2 inches and weighing 25.8 pounds, with a covered bass port on the right side. A power cable connection, a status LED, a USB-A service port, and a reset button are located on the back. The remote that comes with the device is a slim black wand with a circular navigation pad near the top and power, input, and Bluetooth pairing buttons above it. Below the pad are mute, sound mode, information, channel level, settings, and tone control buttons, as well as volume rockers for the entire sound system and the subwoofer.

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