VersusCalendly vs Google Calendar: which navigation app is better?

Calendly vs Google Calendar: which navigation app is better?

Calendly is not a traditional calendar tool like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. Instead, Calendly works with the calendar app you already use to make the often frustrating process of scheduling meetings easier and more automated. Calendly lets people meet with you when and how you want. And they can do it on their own. You can tell Calendly when you are available and what kinds of meetings you want to have.

For example, you could give free consultations on Wednesday afternoons from 1–5 p.m. to people who might be interested in your services. You can also set aside two three-hour blocks of time on Tuesdays and Thursdays when no one can set up a meeting with you. The way Calendly works is great for contractors and other people who talk on the phone for a living. It works well with Google Calendar and all the other major calendar programs.

Calendly has a great free plan that lets you add your calendar and schedule unlimited events. Higher tiers start at $8 per user per month and include things like custom branding, SMS meeting reminders, and advanced integrations. There’s nothing wrong with using Google Calendar for personal and simple scheduling. It works well with Gmail and Google Meet, so you can easily schedule things from your email.

In the calendar invite, you can also set up a Google Meet session. You won’t have to argue about whether to use FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom, which you have probably done enough of by now. But Google Calendar has some problems when it comes to setting up meetings. If you already know when you want to meet again, that’s great. You can put it on your calendar and send invitations to anyone you want to come. But when you need to set up a lot of meetings, you’ll run into trouble.

Calendly vs Google Calendar Pricing

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t talk about pricing, but comparing Google Workspace (formerly the G Suite, which includes Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Docs, etc.) to Calendly’s scheduling automation platform is like comparing apples to oranges because the two are so different at their core.

If your organization has “gone Google,” it probably did so for other reasons. Whether or not the scheduling tool in Google Calendar will work for you depends on how complicated your needs are. Still, to be thorough, here are links to the prices for Google Workspace and Calendly.

“Ease of use” is another difficult thing to compare. If you already have Google Workspace set up, both Calendly and Google Workspace’s scheduling tools are easy to use. If you don’t use Google all the time, though, you are not likely to choose it over Calendly because of its scheduling features.

Calendly vs Google Calendar: Comparision Table

FeatureCalendlyGoogle Calendar
PriceFree for basic plan, Premium plans starting at $8/monthFree
Availability schedulingYesYes
Integration with other calendarsYesYes
Multiple event typesYesYes
Customizable event optionsYesYes
Automatic timezone adjustmentYesYes
Payment processingYes, with Premium plansNo
Team schedulingYes, with Premium plansYes
Analytics and reportingYes, with Premium plansNo
Mobile appYesYes
Official WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Calendly vs Google Calendar User Interface

Calendly vs Google Calendar

Calendly’s interface is made to be easy to use. The main dashboard is clean and simple, and it shows upcoming events and gives you options to create or change them. There are options for availability and scheduling that can be changed, such as one-on-one appointments and events that happen regularly. Integrations with tools like Google Calendar make it easier to keep track of schedules. The platform is designed to be easy to use so that scheduling goes smoothly.

Google Calendar’s user interface gives you a central view of your schedule and tools for managing, making, and sharing events. The interface shows multiple calendars at once, which makes it easier to keep track of things. You can change the details of an event, set reminders, and get updates sent to you. Sharing your calendar with others makes it easy to work together on time. The user interface for Google Calendar puts clarity and ease of use first.

Calendly vs Google Calendar Ease of use

Even if you have never used any of Google’s other tools, you will find Google Calendar to be very intuitive and easy to use. You just click on a time slot in your calendar to make an appointment at that time and fill in as many or as few details as you want.

Since it came out, one of the best things about Calendly has been how easy it is to use. Signing up for the tool and adding it to your calendar is quick and easy, and the interface is clean and easy to use. Even on a WordPress site, adding Calendly is as easy as copying and pasting a piece of HTML code into the site’s code.

Calendly vs Google Calendar Customization

Calendly lets users make the tool their own by giving them a lot of ways to change it. These choices include custom branding, color themes, custom domains, and custom email and SMS reminders. Users can also make their own event types and give each one its own availability, time slots, and length. With these options, users can change Calendly to fit their needs and brand. This makes it a flexible scheduling app.

Google Calendar lets people change their calendars to fit their own tastes and styles. You can choose a color theme, add your own images to the background, and change the colors of events. Google Calendar also works with Google Drive, so users can attach files and documents to events. Users can also make their own event types and give each one its own availability, time slots, and length. Because of these options, Google Calendar is a flexible and useful scheduling tool for both individuals and businesses.

Calendly vs Google Calendar Features

Calendly vs Google Calendar

Google Calendar has all the basic features you need in a calendar to plan your time. It makes it easy to add, change, or remove events from your calendar and works well with Gmail and Google Meet. You can add meeting links to your Google Calendar appointments so that everyone who is going to a virtual or hybrid meeting can find it quickly. You can also make more than one calendar and share them with other people. This is great for managing and working with different teams.

As we said above, people who pay for Google Workspace also have access to the new Appointment Schedule feature of Google Calendar, which works like Calendly for booking appointments.C alendly is not a stand-alone calendar app like Google Calendar. In fact, you can’t use Calendly unless you also use Google Calendar or one of the other calendar platforms it works with. Calendly’s best feature is that anyone with your unique Calendly link or who visits your website with a Calendly plugin can quickly book an open appointment slot on your calendar.

Calendly: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface for scheduling appointments and events
  • Integrates with various other calendars and apps
  • Includes analytics and reporting with premium plans


  • Premium plans can be costly for small businesses or individuals
  • Limited customization options for free plan users
  • Some users may prefer a more traditional calendar layout

Google Calendar: Pros and Cons


  • Free to use with a Google account
  • Offers basic scheduling features and integration with other Google apps
  • Can be accessed on multiple devices and platforms


  • Lacks advanced features and customization options found in other scheduling apps
  • Not ideal for team scheduling or payment processing
  • Limited customer support options

Which one should you consider?

The appointment schedule feature of Google Calendar is a simple way for people with paid Google accounts who just want to save time setting up one-on-one meetings to do so. This is the best choice for people who only work in Google Workspace and don’t need their scheduling software to connect to tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Slack.

But teams, businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to make real money can’t waste time when prospects show interest or when customers want answers. Calendly is more than just a link to set up appointments: It’s a system that saves time and has been hard for others to match. At Calendly, scheduling automation isn’t an afterthought. Instead, it’s a strategic part of your tech stack that’s meant to bring in more money and make your customers happier.


Is Google Calendar or Calendly better?

Calendly is great for businesses with multiple teams that need to work together and manage complex meeting schedules. Google Calendar is for people who want a simple way to plan their time that works well with their Google Workspace productivity environment.

Can Google Calendar work like Calendly?

“Appointment schedules” similar to Calendly were added to Google Calendar for Google Workspace customers in late March and early April 2022.

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