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How to Calibrate Google Maps on Android and iPhone

Calibrate Google Maps on Android and iPhone, Since we stopped using paper maps, we’ve come to trust mapping apps like Google Maps. In addition to getting us, the total time of the trip, etc. But what happens if your guide keeps showing you the wrong way? If this happens, you might need to adjust Google Maps to make it more accurate. Read on to find out how.

Navigation apps use the GPS on your device to figure out which way you’re going. Over time, though, your GPS might lose its calibration and end up giving you the wrong information about where to go. In this case, you will need to adjust your GPS services, which will also calibrate Google Maps. Let’s look at all the Android and iOS ways to do it.

How to Calibrate Google Maps on Android

  1. Open Google Maps app.
  2. Tap on your current location’s blue dot.
  3. Select “Calibrate compass.”
  4. Move your phone in a figure-eight motion until calibration is successful.
  5. Close the compass calibration screen.
  6. Enable High Accuracy mode in device location settings.
  7. Ensure GPS and Location services are turned on.

How to Calibrate Google Maps on iPhone

  1. Open Google Maps app.
  2. Tap on the blue dot for your current location.
  3. TapCalibrate Compass.”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to move your phone in a figure-eight motion.
  5. Close the compass calibration screen.
  6. Ensure GPS and Location services are turned on in device settings.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a tool on the Internet that gives detailed information about places and areas all over the world. Google Maps has more than just road maps. It also has overhead and satellite views of many places. In some towns, Google Maps has street views that are made up of pictures taken from cars.

As part of a bigger web tool, Google Maps offers a number of services. For example, a route planner gives information to people who are driving, biking, walking, or taking public transportation from one place to another. Amateur astronomers can get pictures of the moon, Mars, and the rest of the sky through extra services. If you can download Google Map, Than you can visit on Google Play Store


Why can’t i calibrate my Google Maps?

Open Android Settings and select Location. Scroll down to Google Location Accuracy and select it. Make sure the toggle to the right of Improve Location Accuracy is enabled.

Why use Apple Maps instead of Google Maps?

The Apple Maps interface feels less cluttered and does a better job separating different parts of the map. Streets and roads are easily visible, the navigation voice is better and easier to follow, and the Detailed City Experiences are next-level.

What is more accurate Google Maps or iPhone Maps?

Both Google Maps and Apple Maps offer real-time traffic information and let you report problems on the road, such as accidents or speed cameras. However, Google Maps has more accurate and comprehensive traffic data.

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