ArticleVersusCanva Pro vs Free: which one is right for you?

Canva Pro vs Free: which one is right for you?

Canva Pro offers advanced features, templates, and collaboration, while Canva Free provides basic design tools.

Canva is an online platform for graphic design that lets anyone make designs that look like they were made by a professional, even if they have never done it before. It has a wide range of templates, tools, and resources to help you make everything from marketing materials to social media graphics. Canva is easy to use, and its interface lets you drag-and-drop text, images, and other elements into your designs. You can also use a library with millions of images, graphics, and fonts, both free and paid.

Canva is free to use, but there is also a paid plan with more features, like the ability to upload your own fonts and graphics, make custom templates, and remove the Canva watermark from your designs. Canva is a tool for making graphics that aims to make it easy to make visual assets even if you don’t know how to make graphics.

It is becoming more and more popular with small business owners and solopreneurs. It has a huge number of customizable templates, graphics, images, and videos that can be used to make a wide range of marketing materials, such as social media graphics, videos, presentations, slides, posters, business cards, and even printed products. Now, many people who are just getting started with Canva have to choose between the “Canva Free” and “Canva Pro” plans.

What is Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is a paid version of the popular Canva platform for making graphics. Compared to the platform’s free version, it has more features and tools, including more templates, images, and usable design elements. The capability to create and save brand kits and collaborate with team members in real time are among its more sophisticated features. Additionally, it has more design features, including the capacity to create and publish presentations as well as sophisticated text formatting options. Canva Pro is made for businesses, teams, and other groups that need more powerful design tools and ways to work together.

What is Canva Free?

Canva Free is the software’s free version for people who don’t want to pay for a subscription. With Canva Free, users have access to a limited number of templates, graphics, and features, but they can still make and edit designs for personal use. You have access to fundamental design tools, a library of templates and graphics, and collaboration features with Canva Free.

Canva Pro vs Free Comparison Table

There are two versions of the well-known design platform Canva: Canva Pro and Canva Free. Casual users have access to the most crucial design assets, templates, and tools with Canva Free. On the other hand, you can access more sophisticated features with Canva Pro, including premium templates, resizing choices, and collaboration tools. This makes it perfect for businesses and professionals who want to improve their design skills and work together as a team on a single platform.

FeatureCanva FreeCanva Pro
Templates200,000+8,000+ premium templates
Stock photos, videos, and audio1 million+100+ million premium assets
Fonts130+600+ Google Fonts
Brand kits1Unlimited
Magic resizeNoYes
Background removerNoYes
Video editingBasicAdvanced
100GB storage5GB1TB
Team collaborationNoYes
Priority customer supportNoYes
Official LinksVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Canva Pro vs Free: Pricing

Canva is a well-known platform for making graphics, and it has both free and paid plans. The free plan is great for people who just want to make simple designs for their own use. Canva Pro, on the other hand, has a number of features that can help businesses and individuals make designs that look more professional.

Here is a comparison of the pricing plans for Canva Pro and Canva Free:

Canva Pro: $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year

  • Includes access to over 100,000 premium templates, millions of photos, videos, and graphics, and advanced features like background remover, Magic Resize, and Brand Kit.
  • There are also tools for working together, so you can work on the same design with other people.

Canva Free: Free to use

  • Includes access to a small number of templates, photos, and graphics.
  • Doesn’t have any advanced features or tools for working together.

Canva Pro vs Free: Features

Canva Pro vs Free

Canva is a popular platform for making graphics. It has both a free plan and a paid plan called Canva Pro. Canva’s free plan is great for people who just want to make simple designs. However, Canva Pro has a number of extra features that can help businesses and individuals make designs that look more professional.

Here is a comparison of the key features of Canva Pro vs Free:

🎨 Templates: Canva Pro has more than 100,000 templates, while the free plan only has about 2,000. This means that Canva Pro users have a lot more templates to choose from, which can save them time and effort when designing.

📸 Stock Images: The Canva Pro plan has more than 8 million stock images, while the free plan only has 1 million. This means that people who use Canva Pro can use a much wider range of images in their designs.

🎥 Videos: Canva Pro has more than 400,000 videos, while the free plan only has 100,000. This makes it possible for Canva Pro users to use a much wider range of videos in their designs.

🔊 Audio: The Canva Pro plan has more than 50,000 audio files, while the free plan only has 100. This means that people with Canva Pro can use a much wider range of audio files in their designs.

🔤 Fonts: Canva Pro has more than 100,000 fonts, while the free plan only has 200. This means that people who use Canva Pro can use a much wider range of fonts in their designs.

👥 Collaboration: With Canva Pro, you can work on designs with other people, but not with the free plan. This can help businesses and teams that have to work on designs together.

📦 Brand Kit: Canva Pro users can make a brand kit with their logo, fonts, colors, and other elements of their brand. This can be useful for businesses that want to make sure their designs match their brand.

Advanced Design Features: Canva Pro has some advanced design features that the free plan doesn’t have, like the ability to make custom shapes, gradients, and animations.

📤 Export Options: The Canva Pro plan has more export options than the free plan, like the ability to export designs as vector graphics or PNGs with transparent backgrounds.

🤝 Customer Support: Canva Pro users can get help with their designs more quickly because they get priority customer support.

Canva Pro vs Free: Performance

Canva Pro and Canva Free are both good for a wide range of design tasks, but they work in very different ways. With its high-end features, Canva Pro makes it easy to make designs. It has a huge library of professionally made templates, high-quality stock images, and advanced tools like the Brand Kit that make it easy to keep your brand’s look and feel consistent. Pro users get more storage space, the ability to work as a team, and the ability to easily resize designs.

The magic resize tool and the background remover make it easier to do difficult design tasks. Canva Pro does a great job of giving businesses, marketers, and creative professionals an all-in-one platform. Canva Free, on the other hand, is still impressive, but it has fewer templates and elements. It’s great for personal projects and simple design needs, but it’s not strong enough or flexible enough for professional design work. Canva Pro is the clear choice for those who want top-notch performance, while Canva Free is an easy way to get started in the world of graphic design.

Who Should Use Canva Free?

Canva Free is a graphic design tool that is easy to use and has a wide range of templates and design features that can be used to make different kinds of visual content. It’s a great choice for a number of different types of people, such as:

👩‍🎓 Students: Canva Free is a great tool for students of all ages. It can help them make reports, infographics, posters, and presentations that look good for their classes. The templates make it easy for students who don’t have a lot of design experience to make materials that look professional.

🏢 Small Businesses and Startups: Design and marketing budgets are often tight for small businesses and startups. With Canva Free, they can make eye-catching marketing materials, graphics for social media, business cards, and more without having to hire a professional designer.

🏢 Nonprofits: Nonprofits that don’t have a lot of money can use Canva Free to make fundraising campaigns, event posters, content for social media, and newsletters. It’s a cheap way to improve how they communicate visually.

💼 Freelancers and Solopreneurs: Freelancers and solopreneurs can use Canva Free to make logos, business cards, marketing materials, and social media graphics for their personal brands. It helps them keep a professional look without having to hire outside designers.

👩‍🏫 Educators: Canva Free can be used by teachers and educators to make educational materials, lesson plans, classroom posters, and interesting presentations. It is an easy-to-use tool for making learning better.

📱 Social Media Fans: Canva Free is popular with social media fans who want to make posts, stories, and cover photos that look good on different platforms. It makes it easier to put together content that looks good.

🖋️ Bloggers and Content Creators: Bloggers and content creators can use Canva Free to make featured images, blog post headers, and other visual content for their websites. It helps improve the way their content looks.

🎉 Event Planners: Event planners can use Canva Free to make invitations, posters, RSVP cards, and other promotional materials for their events. It makes the design process easier for many different situations.

🎨 Hobbyists and DIY fans: People who do creative things for fun, like crafting, scrapbooking, or decorating their homes, can use Canva Free to make labels, greeting cards, and other craft-related materials.

Who Should Upgrade to Canva Pro?

Canva Pro vs Free

Depending on their needs and goals, upgrading to Canva Pro can be helpful for a wide range of people and businesses. Here are some important things to think about if you want to upgrade to Canva Pro:

🎨 Graphic Designers and Creatives: Canva Pro is a great tool for graphic designers, whether they work for a company or on their own. It has advanced design tools, a huge library of templates, and makes it easy to make your own designs. Canva Pro is also a great choice for design teams working on projects together because it has features that make it easy to work with other people.

📈 Small business owners and entrepreneurs: Canva Pro is a great tool for those who need to make marketing materials, graphics for social media, presentations, and more. It gives you the tools and templates you need to make designs that look professional, even if you don’t know much about design.

📣 Marketing Teams and People Who Make Content: Marketing teams and people who make content can use Canva Pro to make their work easier. It lets you manage your brand, making it easy to keep all of your marketing materials looking the same. The quality of content can be improved by being able to change the size of designs for different platforms and by having access to premium elements.

📚 Students and Teachers: Canva Pro is a great tool for both teachers and students. Teachers can use it to make educational materials that are fun and interesting, and students can use it to make presentations, posters, and creative projects. Canva for Education also gives educational institutions extra benefits and tools.

📷 Social Media Managers and Influencers: Canva Pro can help social media managers and influencers make eye-catching graphics, stories, and posts for social media. Canva’s scheduling feature, which is available in some plans, can make it easier to make and share content on social media.

💙 Nonprofit Organizations: Canva gives nonprofit organizations discounts and other benefits. Canva Pro can help nonprofits make eye-catching images for their campaigns, events, and fundraising efforts.

🎉 Event Planners and Organizers: Event planners and organizers can use Canva Pro to make event invitations, flyers, banners, and other promotional materials. It can be very helpful to be able to work with clients and vendors in real time.

💼 Freelancers and Consultants: Freelancers and consultants in fields like marketing, branding, and content creation can use Canva Pro to give their clients high-quality design work. It is especially helpful to be able to export designs with transparent backgrounds.

Anyone Who Wants Professional Designs: Canva Pro can help people who want to make their personal or professional projects look better. Canva Pro gives you the tools you need to make your designs stand out, whether you’re making a resume, a personal blog, or custom invitations.

Canva Pro: Pros and Cons


  • Vast Template Library
  • Premium Elements
  • Brand Kit
  • Resizable Designs
  • Collaboration Features
  • Priority Support


  • Subscription Cost
  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Free Elements
  • Offline Access

Canva Free: Pros and Cons


  • Cost
  • User-Friendly
  • Basic Templates
  • Mobile App


  • Limited Features
  • Watermarked Downloads
  • Limited Branding
  • No Collaboration

Canva Pro vs Free: which one should you consider?

Whether you choose Canva Pro or the free version depends on what you want to do. Canva Pro is great for businesses, professionals, and people who use it often because it has advanced features like unlimited storage, a large library of premium templates, and the ability to easily resize designs. But if you only need to do simple design work and are on a tight budget, the free version has all the tools and templates you need. Think about how you want the platform to look and how often you’ll use it to decide which option fits your goals and resources the best.


Is it worth it to pay for Canva Pro?

Small businesses that are just starting out can get a lot out of upgrading to Canva Pro, which has a large library of assets. Canva Pro does have some problems, though. It’s a good tool for beginners, but there are better options if you’re looking for something more advanced.

Is Canva Pro free trial worth it?

Canva Pro’s huge library of content, which includes millions of photos, videos, audio files, graphics, and other elements, is without a doubt one of its best features. So, for example, if you use Canva Pro, you can get premium media for free and don’t need to use a separate premium stock media service.

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