Change Language on Roku: Tips and Tutorial

Change Language on Roku: Tips and Tutorial

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The Change Language on Roku: Tips and Tutorial

Roku is among the easiest tools you can use to stream content to your TV. Roku devices also offer a lot of options that you can change, some of them being the languages, size and style of the subtitles. These options are easy to configure and customize and can be very useful, depending on the type of programs you are watching. Here’s how to change the language settings on Roku.

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Roku Stick and language

By default, most Roku devices are set to English. However, if your Roku key is not in English and you want it, you can always do a factory reset to fix this problem. Hold the button on the side of your stick for 20 to 30 seconds and release it. Of course, this only works if your key is started and plugged in. This is definitely the fastest way to reset it to factory settings.

Otherwise, press the House then the button up arrow button. This will have the Settings appears, regardless of the language set on your Roku. Hit Okay to select it. Then press the up arrow once again you will go to System options. Hit Okay again. Hit it down arrow twice and click Okay. This should open the Language options screen. The primary language of the list should be English. Select it and confirm with the Okay button.


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Supported languages

First of all, Roku devices offer a large number of available language options. Additionally, a number of different scripts are included as well which is a good idea. You can find the list of supported languages ​​here. As you can see, it is very extensive and new languages ​​are constantly being added to the platform.

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Subtitle size and style

By default, the style and size of the captions are uniform. However, you might want to change their appearance for some reason; maybe for fun, maybe because the particular program you are watching makes the default subtitles invisible, or maybe because your grandma came to visit you and you want to increase the size of the subtitles. subtitles for her.

To change the size and style of your subtitles, go to the Main Menu on the home page of your device. Then go to Settings page, go to Accessibility, and find it Legends style submenu. Here you will find caption options which include text color, style, size, edge effect, opacity, etc. Feel free to play around with the settings until you’ve found the perfect style for you.

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Subtitle language

As mentioned, there are many languages ​​available, like on Roku devices this also applies to subtitles. To change the subtitle language, go to the Main Menu on the home page of your Roku device. Go to Settings and find it System subtitle. After selecting System, find the Language option on the list. This will open a list of supported subtitle languages ​​on your device. Scroll until you find the language you want and select Okay.

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Closed captions

In their essence, yes, closed captions are closed captions – text displayed as part of a television program. However, unlike regular closed captions which only display the dialog box, Closed Captions (CC) display everything from spoken elements to sound effects and background noise.

Closed captions are used by the hard of hearing or deaf, but also by people who need to turn off or turn down the volume of the TV for some reason. Naturally, closed captions are available on Roku devices.

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Activation of closed captions

By default, closed captions are not active. Additionally, for some providers, closed captions are enabled through the channel itself, which means that the closed caption settings on Roku will have no effect on them.

how to change language

To activate closed captions, press the House button on the Roku remote. Scroll down until you reach the Settings option. Once you have selected it, navigate to the Accessibility subtitle. If you can’t find it, find Captions on the list. If there is an accessibility option, select it and go to Subtitle mode.

In the window that appears, select between the Deactivated, Sure, During proofreading, or When dumb options. The first option turns off captions. The second activates them for all available content. In replay mode, subtitles only appear when you press the button. Replay button on the remote control. The On Mute option will only display the closed captions when you turn off the volume on your TV.

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Customizing closed captions

As with subtitles, captions can also be personalized. To do this, press the key. House on the Roku remote and navigate to Settings menu. In this menu, go to Accessibility then find it Legend Style option. You will see a preview of the changes you have made. As with captions, you can customize the style, size, edge effect, opacity, and color here. Additionally, you can customize the background color and opacity, as well as the color and opacity of the legend window.

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Roku language settings

As you can see, changing the language on a Roku device is quite easy. You can also customize the closed caption and closed caption settings. You can adjust their color, text size, style (font), border effect and opacity. You can also change the background and window color and opacity.

Did you find your preferred language on Roku’s list? What would you add to the language options? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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