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How to Change Your Garmin Watch Face

Change your Garmin watch face to match your style and needs with this easy-to-follow guide.

Garmin makes some of the best fitness watches on the market right now, and most of them have a lot of different features that make them stand out. Your Garmin watch doesn’t just show you the time; it also counts your steps, how to Change Your Garmin Watch Face.

Unless you have a really old Garmin watch, it’s likely that your device already has watch faces built in. Depending on the model of the watch, you might have a couple or a few more choices. You can change the watch face to show what’s most important to you. You can match the face of your watch to your outfit, or you can use the analog watch for a more formal event.

You don’t have to use the watch faces that came with the watch. From the official Garmin Connect IQ Store, you can get many watch faces made by people other than Garmin. Also, as was said, people who know how can make their own watch faces. But let’s get into how to manage Garmin watch faces step by step.

Why Customize Your Garmin Watch Face?

  • Consider your needs. What do you need your watch face to do? Do you need a watch face that shows a lot of information, such as the time, date, weather, and fitness tracking data? Or do you prefer a simpler watch face that is more focused on telling time?
  • Consider your style. What kind of style do you like? Do you prefer a classic watch face with a traditional design? Or do you prefer a more modern or sporty watch face?
  • Consider your watch. What type of watch do you have? Some watch faces are only compatible with certain types of watches. For example, some watch faces are only compatible with smartwatches.
  • Try out different watch faces. Once you have considered your needs, style, and watch, you can start trying out different watch faces to see what you like best. Most smartwatches have a wide variety of watch faces to choose from, and you can also find many different watch faces available for download.

Keep in mind before Changing Watch Face on Garmin Watch

  • Compatibility: Make sure the watch face you choose is compatible with the Garmin watch. Not every watch face will work on every device, so make sure you choose one that was made for the Garmin Watch
How to Change Your Garmin Watch Face
  • Device Software: Make sure that the software on your Garmin watch is the most recent version. By keeping the software up-to-date, you’ll be able to use all of the latest features, bug fixes, and improvements to compatibility.
  • Check your storage space: to see how much you can put on it. Some watch faces take up more space than others, especially ones with complicated designs or advanced features.
  • Battery Life: Keep in mind that some watch faces, especially ones with animations or information that is always changing, may use more battery power.

How to Change Your Garmin Watch Face

  1. Hold the Up/Menu button on a five-button Garmin watch like the Fenix 7 Pro to access the menu.
  2. To access the menu on Garmin watches with two buttons, like the Venu 2, hold the bottom button (Back/Menu).
  3. For older Garmin watches with one button, like the Vivoactive 3, hold the touchscreen to access the menu.
  4. Select Watch Face, the first option, when the menu opens.
  5. To switch watch faces on a touchscreen Garmin watch, use the Up and Down buttons or swipe.
  6. Select Apply after choosing a watch face.
  7. Garmin watches will display your chosen watch face.

How to customize Garmin watch face

  1. Open the Garmin watch menu using one of the methods listed above.
  2. Select Watch Face.
  3. Choose and select the watch face that you want to edit.
  4. Select Customise. On some watches this may appear as Pen icon. If you don’t see a Customise button or Pen icon, try swiping up on your touchscreen to edit the watch face.
  5. Select an option to edit. Depending on your model of watch, you can edit things such as the layout, hands style, colours, accent, and data fields.
  6. Edit your chosen option and repeat for any other options that you want to customise.
  7. Select Done when you’re finished to use the new watch face on your Garmin watch.

How to upload new watch faces to your Garmin watch

  1. Get the Connect IQ app and install it.
  2. Choose the kind of Garmin watch you have.
  3. Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Choose Watch Faces to see all of the faces that will work with your Garmin watch model.
  5. Find the watch face you want to add to your Garmin watch and choose it.
  6. Choose Install.
  7. The face will be sent to your Garmin watch and synced.
  8. Once the process is done, your Garmin Watch should show your new watch face.


Does Garmin have cameras?

You need someone who was there. You need a dash cam that you can control with your voice and that records clear HD video. It should also be able to connect to LTE and record inside and outside of your car.

Can you change the Colour of Garmin watch face?

Select Seconds to change how the seconds look on the digital watch face. Select Data to change the information that shows up on the watch face. Select Accent Color to add or change the watch face’s accent color. To change the color of the background, choose Bkgd.

Why do people use Garmin?

Accuracy and navigation with GPS: Many Garmin watches use more than one satellite system to get a more accurate location in places like big cities with lots of tall buildings. (Apple’s Ultra also has more than one way to figure out where you are.) Garmins also come with topographic maps that can help if you get lost.

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