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Christmas Deal: Astro Gaming A20 Gen 2 only in $89.99 at Best Buy

The Astro A20 Gen 2 is suitable for wireless gaming. They’re reasonably comfortable and have very low wireless latency, so you shouldn’t miss an important audio cue or line of dialogue. They also have a fairly well-balanced sound profile with just a hint of added bass, which should highlight sound effects without overpowering more delicate audio. Unfortunately, while their boom mic is reasonably effective at isolating your speech from ambient noise, allowing teammates to hear you clearly in noisy environments, recorded speech sounds thin and muffled.

The A20 Gen 2 headset is similar to the A10 headset, but it is wireless and slightly larger. The square-shaped earcups are supported by plastic struts that allow them to pivot up and down, which connect to a wide plastic headband with a soft rubber underside. The earpads are soft foam covered in breathable cloth, resulting in a comfortable, snug fit that shouldn’t overheat during extended play sessions. However, it does not feel as solid or as comfortable as the more expensive A50s, especially with the wide, flat headband providing little padding for the top of your head.

All controls are located on the back edge of the right earcup and include a power button, an EQ button, a volume wheel, and voice/game audio balance buttons. The charging USB-C port is located on the same earcup, facing down. The long, rubber boom mic is mounted on the left earcup and can be flipped up to mute your voice automatically.

The A20 Gen 2 comes with a simple USB transmitter that is compatible with both PC and the console-specific version you purchased. The transmitter is a thin, black stick with an indicator LED and a pairing button on the end. If you intend to use the A20 Gen 2 with more than one device.

The microphone on the headset is fairly clear and crisp, though I did notice some minor wireless artefacts in the form of a slight hiss in test recordings. This is an uncommon but minor effect, and my voice otherwise came through clearly. The mic is suitable for voice chat, but it isn’t as clean as those found on the Razer Nari Essential or Kraken Ultimate. For serious streaming and recording, we always recommend a dedicated USB microphone.

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