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How to Fix Chromecast buffering issue

If you want to Fix Fix Chromecast buffering issue. When streaming videos on Chromecast, having to deal with buffering can be frustrating, especially if it happens often. When a video is buffered, it is downloaded from the internet in pieces that are then played one after the other to make the video play smoothly.

Most of the time, a slow internet connection or a weak Wi-Fi signal are to blame when Chromecast doesn’t work right. Sometimes it can also happen if you’ve been using your Chromecast device for a long time, which makes it warm. Also, we’ve given you a list of a few other things you can try to stop your Chromecast from buffering.

Fixed: Chromecast buffering issue

Lower Stream Quality

  1. Internet connection: If your internet connection itself isn’t able to keep up with high-quality streaming, you can try lowering the stream quality to make it easier for the Chromecast to buffer.
  2. Streaming quality: Streaming 4K or even 2K content on a less-than-ideal internet connection will always cause buffering.

Try Streaming Local Videos

  1. Launch VLC on your PC and go to Playback > Renderer.
  2. You will see the default option listed here as <Local>.
  3. Now your Chromecast devices will appear as a list.
  4. Here, choose your Chromecast device to stream your video.

Do Not Use Other Apps or Services

  1. Streaming content on Chromecast.
  2. Avoid performing other tasks requiring intense internet power.
  3. Examples: Downloading multiple files, system updates, downloading movies on torrents, etc.
  4. Close all unnecessary apps.
  5. Focus on streaming with Chromecast.
  6. Fix buffering issue significantly.

Change Wi-Fi Channels to Fix Choppy Chromecast Streams

  1. Click Start and type wifi
  2. Choose WiFi Analyzer
  3. Wait while the program detects your network
  4. Click on the Analyze tab

Close Other Apps to Stop Chromecast Skipping

  1. If you’re streaming from your mobile device, take a moment to see what apps are running. Similarly, if you plan to stream from your computer, check what software is open.
  2. Buffering issues and skipping video played through a Chromecast can be fixed by closing other programs. On your mobile, close any other apps you don’t need. If the stream on your Chromecast is choppy, stop any downloads.
  3. Where possible, download video to your device before streaming it to your TV with your Chromecast.

Why is My Chromecast Buffering?

“Buffering” refers to the short breaks that happen when you watch videos online. This could be because the internet is slow and the files are big, like a 4K HDR video. The Google Chromecast is a great way to stream content from the internet to a TV. But it’s not good enough. For example, it’s hard to heat. There is also buffering, which makes it hard to watch.

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