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Clear iMessage Chat History on Mac OS

This guide is about the Clear iMessage Chat History in Mac OS X. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide Clear iMessage Chat History in Mac OS X.

The Messages app for Mac tracks all your chat history with iMessage and text messaging, and gives you long-term conversation in an easy-to-review and scrollable chat log. Unlike iOS, there is no in-app way to delete chat history in OS X, and even if you close a window, it may not delete all data, logs, caches, or associations for a particular chat, and those caches are still stored on your Mac.

Instead, to clear your chat log history in OS X Messaging, you need to go to the Finder or the command line to see the history of your spam file on your Mac. This is not difficult, it is just deleting a few files as described below.

How to delete all chat history from messages in Mac OS X.

This works on all versions of Mac Messages, from the earliest versions to the latest:

  1. Quit Messages for Mac
  2. Display the Command + Shift + G window in the “Go to Folder” window
  3. Write ~ / Library / Messages /
  4. Select all the files in the Messages directory and move them to the Trash. The files are named chat.db, chat.db-shm, chat.db-Wal, etc.
  5. Empty the Recycle Bin and restart iMessages

Clear your iMessage chat history

When you restart Messages, none of your previous conversations contain information.

Keep in mind that conversation attachments are stored in a separate folder and handled separately in ~ / Library / Messages / Attachments /, which includes, for example, images, gifs, videos, text files, zip files, audio clips, and any other attachments sent to OS X: n messaging application. Therefore, if you want to delete all history and cache from the Messages client, you must visit that Attachments directory and delete those files as well. If you have pictures that you want to save locally from Messaging or from a conversation, save them before deleting them or that folder, or they will be permanently lost.

Mac Messages icon

Clear IMessage chat history on the Mac from the command line

You can also do this via the command line if you are happy with using the terminal and the rm command with a wildcard, which is generally considered advanced. To do this, exit iMessage and open Terminal, at the prompt, type the following:

rm -r ~ / Library / Messages / chat. *

Then, trash attachments, images, zips, and other data caches:

rm -r ~ / Library / Messages / Attachments / ??

Remember that the command line is completely unforgivable and the files will be deleted immediately and permanently, do this only if you know exactly what and why you are doing it.

Restart iMessages and look for an empty chat history.

Both of these tricks work as long as the original iMessages for Mac beta, as do all the modern incarnations of OS X Messages, including OS X Yosemite, where Messages has direct interfaces to the iOS messaging app.

Keep in mind that when you delete caches and chat logs from the Messages app, the app will open without any previous messages, and all previous conversations will be cleared. That is the whole purpose of this procedure.

iMessages for Mac

There may be an easier way to clear your chat history from OS X Messaging, but there is currently no special option in the Mac app settings, so the tricks above should suffice.

For those on the iOS side of things, deleting messages from iPhone and iPad is easy here, but works a little differently, allowing you to select individual threads, parts of messages, or all of them to delete as needed.

Thanks for the tip Kevin!

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