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How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone, Android and PC

It has become an important part of many people’s daily lives who use smartphones now. This trend is largely caused by popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. A cache is a small place where temporary data, like files and blocks, are kept. In this article we will discuss about the how to Clear Instagram Cache.

On the other hand, an app cache is the temporary data that a single app stores in the device’s memory. The main purpose of an app cache is to make it easy to get to frequently used data, which improves the overall speed and performance of the app. To keep the cache stable, it is often stored in the device’s internal memory.

Instagram is a place where people, including content creators, media outlets, and businesses, can meet, talk, and share different kinds of content and information with a large and varied audience. The platform puts user experience first, with a big focus on mobile use, mostly on smartphones and tablets.

Steps to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone

  1. Access your iPhone settings by tapping on the Settings icon on the home screen.
  2. Navigate to the General Settings option within the settings menu.
  3. Within the General Settings, locate and select the iPhone Storage option.
  4. Browse through the Storage section to view all the installed apps and their respective storage usage.
  5. Locate the Instagram app in the list of installed apps.
  6. Delete the Instagram app from your phone by tapping on the appropriate option.
  7. Reinstall the Instagram app from the App Store.
  8. Open the Instagram app and start using it without experiencing any issues.
How to Clear Instagram Cache

How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to locate the ‘Apps’ option.
  3. Choose Instagram from the available options.
  4. Select ‘Storage’ and you will see an option to ‘Clear Cache’.
  5. Click on ‘Clear Cache’ and notice that the button becomes grayed out.
  6. Observe that the amount of Cache drops to 0 bytes.

How to Clear Instagram Cache on Windows

  1. Open your computer and launch the browser.
  2. Navigate to Instagram’s website and log in using your Instagram credentials.
  3. Locate the icon of your profile on the main Instagram page, which typically appears as an image of a person.
  4. Click on the gear icon or settings icon.
  5. Access the Privacy and Security settings.
  6. Find and select the option labeled “View Account Data”.
  7. In the Search History section, click on the “View All” option.
  8. Locate the Clear Search History button and click on it.
  9. Confirm the action by selecting “Yes, I’m sure” if prompted.
How to Clear Instagram Cache

Steps to Clear Instagram Cache on Mac

  1. Close the Instagram application if it is currently open.
  2. Open a Finder window by clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock or selecting “Finder” from the top left of the menu bar.
  3. Click on “Go” in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select “Go to Folder” from the dropdown menu.
  4. In the “Go to the folder” dialog box, enter the following path: ~/Library/Containers/com.instagram.instagram/Data/Library/Caches/.
  5. Press Enter or click on the “Go” button.
  6. Locate the folder named “com.instagram.instagram” and open it.
  7. Select all the files and folders inside the “com.instagram.instagram” folder.
  8. Move the selected items to the Trash by either dragging and dropping them into the Trash icon in the Dock or right-clicking and selecting “Move to Trash”.
  9. Empty the Trash by right-clicking on the Trash icon in the Dock and selecting “Empty Trash”.
  10. Restart your Mac to complete the cache clearing process.
  11. Open the Instagram application again, and it will start with a cleared cache.

you can visit Instagram support center for further help.


Why can’t I clear cache on Instagram?

Scroll through Settings and tap Apps or Apps & notifications. Tap Instagram from your list of installed apps. On the App page, choose the Storage option. On the App’s storage screen, select the Clear cache button.

Where is Instagram cache folder?

The cached images from the Instagram app can’t be seen because they are stored in a folder that only Instagram can access. If your directories are set up right, you should see a folder in your gallery that has all the Instagram photos and videos you’ve uploaded.

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