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Cooler Master MM311 review

The MM311's scores are not impressive enough for Esports players, but they are quite acceptable for casual gamers and the after-school crowd.

Cooler Master has added to its impressive range of peripherals the Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Mouse, an incredibly lightweight and powerful gaming mouse. we had the opportunity to use it recently and we have a lot of thoughts. First, the mouse weighed only 77g with the battery. When first lifted legally, it seemed to lack innards. Its light weight was just the beginning of how easy it was to move around; its PTFE feet offered virtually no resistance to any surface we used it on.

Even when moving from one surface to another, the Cooler Master MM311 wireless gaming mouse glides like clockwork. The optical sensor is another big plus as it is adjustable up to 10000dpi and can be customized to suit your needs no matter what game or program you are using. Its sensitivity stunned me the first time we used it, watching our cursor glide across the screen in the blink of an eye, and we’ve tweaked it to our liking ever since. We will present here with our Cooler Master MM311 review.

The Cooler Master MM311 gaming mouse has a 2.4GHz wireless connection that allows me to play games without lag and responsiveness. Its sensor gave me high accuracy when aiming weapons. The battery life of the Cooler Master MM311 wireless gaming mouse was excellent. We used it all the time when working with the mouse, playing games, editing and bringing it into our daily work. He had about 12 hours a day of constant use, and the mouse worked great all this time.

Cooler Master MM311 review: Design

The MM311 has six buttons, five buttons to be exact and a clickable wheel, more than enough to cover the basics. The center button is a DPI cycle button that allows you to switch between 7 programmable levels of mouse sensitivity. It also acts as a toggle key that can trigger the secondary functions of other buttons. The top of the mouse slides off to reveal the battery compartment and key storage slot. Speaking of the dongle, the Cooler Master MM311 comes with a six-foot USB type A dongle extension, giving you the option to use the slots on the back of your PC.

Or maybe across the room. We’re not sure who needs this as we had no trouble getting the mouse even when the key was plugged into the back of our living room computer and we were lying on the couch 12 feet away from us. There are three large PTFE pads on the bottom of the mouse that glide smoothly over the surface. You’ll also find an on/off switch here, although the mouse can be programmed to sleep when idle when synced with the Cool Master app.

Cooler Master MM311 review: Comfort

The Cooler Master MM311 is a no-frills wireless mouse with a smooth finish and a clean Cooler Master logo in the palm of your hand. It’s made to fit comfortably in your hand for those of us who use the palm or claw. The company claims that the MM311 is symmetrical, but we’re not sure if all lefties would agree, given that the buttons are only accessible on the left side of the mouse. The wheel is rubberized with grooves on the surface for better grip.

The mechanical buttons are a bit stiff and have an audible click. The MM311 is slightly larger than most productivity mice. It fit our hand well and allowed our fingers to relax rather than clench. Granted, we have small hands for a grown man, but our 6’4″ husband agreed that this mouse’s simple ergonomics are pleasantly comfortable. There are two color options: black and white on grey.

The MM311 makes things easy without any RGB or glow effects except for one LED under the center button that tells you that you have toggled the mouse speed. The image below shows the two mice sent in for this review, a black wireless mouse and a white corded mouse.

Cooler Master MM311 review: Performance

The Cooler Master MM311 is equipped with a PixArt optical sensor that works great on light and dark desktop surfaces, mouse pads, and even soft fabric cushions. It doesn’t work on glass, so if you’re playing on a coffee table, you’ll need a mouse pad. The mouse worked straight out of the box with limited factory settings. This is certainly a good thing, because we overlooked the suggestion to download the Cooler Master app hidden at the end of the quick start guide in microscopic 4pt font.

We played with the mouse for over a week, working, playing and surfing the internet. We have set up two profiles: a basic one for our writing tasks, and another for The Outer Worlds. For the game, we were able to remap mouse buttons to quickly open maps, inventory, reload, and trigger time dilation.

Holstering a weapon requires a long press of the R key, which is easy to program by opening Master Plus on our second screen and recording a macro while playing. We had no problem switching profiles between work and play, and the mouse is just as easy to use with Photoshop as it is with FPS. There were no problems with the wireless connection, there were no lags.

Cooler Master MM311 review: Battery Life

The Cooler Master MM311 uses one regular AA battery, which is less environmentally friendly than the built-in rechargeable battery, but is easy to replace. Cooler Master estimates that the MM311 will last approximately 115 hours before needing a battery replacement. Depending on how you use the mouse, that could mean weeks to months – a week of mouse use on our desktop barely showed up on the battery gauge.

Final Words

The Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Gaming Mouse is fast, responsive, lightweight and accurate. It’s designed to move so smoothly that it doesn’t feel like a peripheral, but like an extension of your hand. Brand loyalists will also be rewarded with the ability to sync with other Cooler Master hardware. This is a decent mouse for a decent gamer.

Dian Erwin
Dian Erwin
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The Cooler Master MM311 Wireless Gaming Mouse is fast, responsive, lightweight and precise. It's so smooth it doesn't feel like a peripheral, but an extension of your hand.Cooler Master MM311 review