ReviewsCooler Master MM712 review (2023) a wireless gaming mouse

Cooler Master MM712 review (2023) a wireless gaming mouse

The MM712 can be used in a lot of different ways, and the fact that it is wireless is an added bonus.


Design and features
Connection and Use


The MM712 can be operated wirelessly with 2.4 GHz as well as with Bluetooth 5.1. The battery life is stated at 80 and 150 hours, respectively. The feet are made of pure PTFE, and a set of adhesive tape is included. The MM712 also features basic RGB lighting that can be configured via MasterPlus+, which also offers all the other usual customization options.

When a product is redesigned, it has to be worth it. The Cooler Master MM712 is a perfect example of this. This new version of the MM711 ditches the honeycomb design that was meant to keep the mouse as light as possible in favor of a more traditional, and frankly, better-looking, design. With a better sensor and multiple ways to connect, there’s not much reason to go back to the model before this one, unless you find it on sale for a low price.

Cooler Master MM712: Description

But we have more options than just what Cooler Master has to offer, so you still have to think about how the MM712 stacks up against the rest. Depending on what you want, this could be the best gaming mouse for you. There are a lot of people who won’t, and competitive games are among them. As we’ll talk about, the MM712 has some limitations that will make it hard to play certain games where it’s important to change DPI quickly. The Cooler Master MM712 looks simple and almost unremarkable at first glance. It comes in matte black and matte white, and its design is symmetrical and works for both righties and lefties.

It may not stand out from the crowd, but left-handed people can use it just fine. Aside from some gray accents on the white version, the only color is an RGB outline of the Cooler Master logo on the palm rest. The MM712 is a well-made mouse, but it won’t get people as excited as something like the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro will. Most importantly, Cooler Master made it only weigh 58g (0.13 lbs) without using the honeycomb shell that most lightweight mice, like the MM711, have. Also, it has very good PTFE feet for gliding without friction, so it doesn’t take much effort to use.

Cooler Master MM712: Pros and Cons


  • Very light
  • Easy to use on either hand
  • lot of ways to connect.


  • There is no way to make a sniper button
  • The button for dedicated DPI is at the bottom

Cooler Master MM712: Specification Table

ConnectivityBluetooth, Wireless, Wired
SensorPixArt Optical Sensor
Battery lifeUp to 80 hours
Price$70, £70
Official linkVisit Website

Cooler Master MM712: Design and Features

Cooler Master isn’t known for making designs that are subtle, but they’ve made something we think is a response to this mild criticism. The MM712 is all black and has only a tiny LED that you can cover with your palm. It’s perfect for low-key setups or for the few smart people who hate the RGB craze that has taken over gaming hardware.

It’s small, light, and simple. It might be so basic that you wouldn’t know what it’s for. The whole thing weighs only 59 grams, and it doesn’t have the “cheese grater” look that many lightweight mice have. This doesn’t mean that it’s too light and easy to move in the wrong direction with a small flick of the wrist. Instead, the weight seems to be going where it should. Cooler Master gave it a nice center of gravity, so when you swing it from side to side, it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Most of this high-end quality comes from its sensor. Even though the 19,000 DPI sensor isn’t as high as, say, Logitech’s lightweight offerings with a 25,000 DPI sensor, it’s a good middle ground for both pros and regular users. It could be a great mouse for anyone, or it could be a very serious esports competitor.

Cooler Master MM712: Connection and use

The mouse can connect to a computer in three ways: wirelessly using the included dongle for 2.4GHz, wirelessly using Bluetooth 5.1, or wired using the 6ft USB-C to USB-A cable. Even though most people would think that the wired connection is the best, we found that all three were just as reliable as each other. Bluetooth is the best option, though, because it frees up USB ports for other devices that don’t have that option. However, it depends on how you like to play games and how your hardware is set up. We only plugged the mouse in when it needed to be charged.

In terms of charging, we only had to do it once in the two weeks we spent testing. Cooler Master says that the battery can last up to 180 hours in Bluetooth mode and 80 hours in 2.4GHz mode. We used it pretty often in both modes, so it’s safe to say that the claims are mostly true. The mouse has a tracking speed of 400 IPS and a DPI range of 400 to 19,000. This makes it one of Cooler Master’s more versatile gaming mice. We were able to do well in any game we played with this mouse because of how light it was and how fast it tracked.

Price and Availability

With a price of $69.99, £59.99, or AU$99, the Cooler Master MM712 is not quite a cheap option. But that’s still a pretty good price for a mouse that is incredibly light and works great for gaming. When you think about how many ways there are to connect to this model, its value is much higher than its cost. In comparison, the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, which has some extra features and better performance numbers, costs more than twice as much at $159/£159/AU$289. Why am we putting a mid-range mouse up against a top-of-the-line mouse? Because we was using the Basilisk V3 Pro before we switched to the MM712, and the MM712 has mostly kept up.

Even compared to options in the middle price range, the Cooler Master MM712 looks like a great deal. The Roccat Kain 202 Aimo is a good wireless mouse that works well, but it doesn’t have Bluetooth and costs more than other wireless mice at $99.99, £89.99, or AU$218.

Final Words

The fact that Cooler Master kept this as simple and to the point as possible has helped the MM712 become one of our favorite gaming mice so far. Yes, there are mice with a higher DPI or that work better with different software, but at the end of the day, many of these features just get in the way. Sometimes, all you need is a mouse that works with your video games without requiring you to learn a new piece of software. Even though the software does exist, we think you should just use it to play games.


What is the battery life of cm MM712?

The MM712 can use both Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4 GHz wirelessly, and the battery life for each is said to be 80 and 150 hours, respectively.

Is Cooler Master a good mouse brand?

The Cooler Master MM310 wired gaming mouse has a good build and good performance for its price. Its 12000 DPI PixArt sensor, light weight, and nice look (especially for the matte white model shown in this article) go a long way toward giving its target user value.

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The MM712 can be operated wirelessly with 2.4 GHz as well as with Bluetooth 5.1. The battery life is stated at 80 and 150 hours, respectively. The feet are made of pure PTFE, and a set of adhesive tape is included. The MM712 also features basic RGB lighting that can be configured via MasterPlus+, which also offers all the other usual customization options.Cooler Master MM712 review (2023) a wireless gaming mouse