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How to Create a Course on Garmin Connect

Learn how to create a custom course on Garmin Connect in just 6 easy steps. With images to guide you, you'll be up and running in no time!

In this article we will discuss about the how to Create a Course on Garmin Connect. One of the many compelling arguments in favor of purchasing a high-quality Garmin watch is the device’s capability of allowing the user to plot out a course in advance of an activity, such as a run, a ride, or a hike, so that the individual is aware of the direction in which they are heading and the amount of time that should be allotted to them to finish the course.

To be of assistance, Garmin’s Garmin Connect platform, which includes both a phone phone apps and a web app, will enable you to do so in a manner that is relatively uncomplicated. This step-by-step guide has been compiled especially for those of you who have recently purchased a Garmin watch that is compatible with courses and are interested in learning how to begin using it.

Why Create a Course on Garmin Connect?

  • To share your favorite routes with others. If you have a favorite running, cycling, or hiking route, you can create a course on Garmin Connect and share it with others. This can be a great way to help your friends and family members discover new places to explore.
  • To create a custom course for a race or event. If you are participating in a race or event, you can create a course on Garmin Connect to follow on the day of the event. This can help you to stay on track and pace yourself properly.
  • To create a course for a specific purpose. For example, you might want to create a course for a hill workout, a tempo run, or a scenic ride. You can also create courses for specific types of terrain, such as trails or roads.
  • To challenge yourself and others. If you are looking for a new challenge, you can create a difficult course on Garmin Connect and see if you can beat your own time or the times of your friends and family members.

How to Create a Course on Garmin Connect

  1. Open Training and then Courses from the menu on the left to get to the Courses page.
  2. When you choose Create a Course, the Choose a Course Type windows will appear.
  3. Choose a type of course from the list. You can run, hike, ride a bike on the road, and do many other things.
  4. Choose Custom as the method for drawing, and then click Continue. Another choice is Round Trip, which makes it easy to build a course with a certain distance quickly. But the steps below are for making a custom route, not a round trip route.
  5. Choose a starting point on the map, or use the Location search bar at the top of that page to start somewhere else.
    Select the map again to add another point to the course, and keep doing this until the course is built. As you make the path, the Course Creator tool will show you the total mileage in real time.
  6. Use the pencil icon to give your course a name, and then click Save New Course.

How to Sharing Your Garmin Connect Course

To share a Garmin Connect course, you can either send a link to the course to the person you want to share it with, or you can publish it to the Garmin Connect community. To send a link to your course, just open the Garmin Connect app or website and click on the “Course” tab. Then, look for the course you want to share and click “Share.” Then you can copy the link to the course and paste it into an email, text message, or social media post.

How to Create a Course on Garmin Connect

To share your course with the Garmin Connect community, open the Garmin Connect app or website and select the “Courses” tab. Then, find the course you want to publish and click “Publish.” Then, you’ll need to give your course a name and a description. You can also choose whether it’s public or private.

Once you publish your course, other Garmin Connect users will be able to find it and download it. To find a course that has been published, just open the Garmin Connect app or website and click on the “Course” tab. Then, click the “Search Courses” button and type the name of the course you’re looking for.

Tips for Creating an Effective Course

  • When naming your course, be clear. In the name of your course, say what kind of course it is, how far it is, and how hard it is. This will help other people find and choose the right course for them.
  • Give your course a description. In the description of your course, you should say what kind of course it is, how long it is, how hard it is, how much elevation it gains, and any other important information.
  • You should add interesting things to your course. People who are running, biking, or hiking your course for the first time might find points of interest helpful. You can add points of interest to mark places to get water, help, rest, or look at the scenery.
  • Before sharing your course, make sure it works. Once you’ve made a course, you should try it out before giving it to other people. This will help you find any mistakes and make sure that the course is safe and fun to use.


What is the difference between Garmin route and course?

A Garmin Course is a ride that has already been planned. This could be called a “route” or something else by a third-party platform. Garmin, on the other hand, calls it a “Route” when you tell the device to take you to a certain place.

What is the difference between Garmin Connect and Strava?

One of the main differences is that Strava is more focused on social features and lets users connect with friends and join groups, while the Garmin app is more focused on deep data analysis and personalization.

What is the course limit on Garmin?

The most course points that a Garmin fitness device can handle. Through Garmin Connect or Garmin BaseCamp, you can add courses to a lot of Garmin fitness devices. Each course on an Edge can have a maximum of 200 course points added to it. The most course points you can have on a Forerunner watch is 50.

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