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How to Create WhatsApp Call Links On iPhone and Android

How to Create WhatsApp Call Links: People are usually so busy that it’s hard to get someone to answer a WhatsApp call, let alone a group call. In the past, if you missed a call, you had to call back, wait for the other person to call you back, or find a time that worked for both of you.

Call links in WhatsApp are just what they sound like. Users can make these links so that others can join a call. People can join calls when they start or when they are already going on. It works like making a call link in FaceTime and is just as easy to do. When you’re busy, you don’t have to feel like you have to join a WhatsApp call.

It also means that only people who are important to a conversation can be on a call at any given time. For example, during a group call, people might talk about things that aren’t important to everyone. In this case, users can only join a call when they are needed or when they can add something to the conversation or get something out of it. If you can download this app, than you can visit on Google Play Store

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Go to the Calls tab.
  3. Tap on the Create Call Link option available at the top.
  4. Select your call type, whether you want to make a video or voice call.
  5. Hit the Share Link or Copy Link button.
  6. Send the link in WhatsApp chat, group or another app.

Since WhatsApp calls are already so easy to make, what is a call link for and who is it for? The chat just got filled with small businesses, groups, and communities. Shareable links make it easier to do video conferencing on WhatsApp by making “destinations” that people can join and leave at any time.

So, if WhatsApp calls are for calling your friends to invite them out for coffee, then WhatsApp call links are the coffee shop itself. Even when you’re not there, people can come and go as they please, and the lattes are delicious. Now that we’ve had enough coffee, let’s get down to business.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services. It is owned by Meta and keeps adding new features, which gives users an amazing experience. Not only can users send messages, but they can also make voice and video calls.

The Call Link feature for voice and video calls has just been added to the app. You can make a voice or video call link and share it with your contacts using the Call Link feature. Also, when your contacts tap on the shared Call Lin, they can join a voice or video call right away.

  • At the moment, Call Links only work on Android and iOS. In the section below, you can learn how to use Call Links on your desktop or on the web.
  • WhatsApp Call Links are only good for 90 days, after which time they will stop working. This means that you can use the same links to connect with friends again later, and that you can’t manually delete the links.
  • Even though users can’t get rid of these links, WhatsApp can for reasons of security and privacy. But keep in mind that these video and voice calls are still encrypted from end to end.


How many people can use WhatsApp call link?

Group calling allows up to 32 participants to join a WhatsApp group voice call if you are on the latest version of WhatsApp. Voice calling uses your phone’s internet connection rather than your mobile plan’s minutes.

Can WhatsApp link multiple devices?

You can now use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones at the same time, using your primary phone to link up to four devices. You’ll need to log in to your primary phone every 14 days to keep linked devices connected to your WhatsApp account. Download WhatsApp on the Android companion phone you want to link.

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