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Crouch Jump in PUBG: Tips and Tutorial

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The Crouch Jump in PUBG: Tips and Tutorial

PUBG is a game that has exploded in popularity in recent years. It has undergone many updates since its first release and many of the original features have been changed or removed.

A similar thing happened with the crouch jump, which was a very popular move in the early installments of the game. Today, the crouch jump is officially removed as an option. Some deem it unnecessary, while others implore to bring it back.

While this is officially no longer an option, there are methods to blast your crouching character.

What is the crouching jump?

When you want to jump over a certain item in PUBG today, you can use the vault. Your running towards it, press the “jump” key, and your character will jump over it. It’s great when you want to run for shelter, go out through a window, or get to certain places quickly.

In the earlier version of the game, the character’s movement was not as sophisticated. Instead, you were supposed to use the crouch jump. This meant running towards a higher object and pressing the “jump” and “crouch” keys at the same time. Your character would jump higher and could reach higher areas or come out the window.

When the game implemented the jump feature, the crouch jump was considered obsolete. Almost everyone thought the jump was better and more realistic. As a PC gamer, you could have continued crouching hopping until the option was officially removed. But what about unofficial means?

jump squats pubg

How to squat jump

There are still ways to achieve this technique. A Reddit user posted a guide explaining this new technique. If you want to bring back the crouching jump, you’ll need to change your settings.

  1. Go to the system menu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Dedicate a key to the “Skip only” option. This is important because otherwise the jump will interfere with the squat jump.

These options will allow crouching jump.

While you are in the game and want to perform a crouch jump, you need to master this combination:

  1. Hold “Sprint” until you reach the window.
  2. Press the “Jump only” button and the “Crouch” button.
  3. Keep sprinting.

When you want to jump out the window, you have to continue your sprint. Otherwise, you’ll be squatting on the windowsill, which is also a nice technique to learn.

The squat jump is difficult to master, so you will need some time to get used to this trick.

squat jump in pubg

Why is the squat jump better than the jump?

When you jump, the game launches an animation sequence that you cannot undo. It makes your game more predictable. Even though the smoother animation makes the jump smoother, you lose control for a second. When you jump while crouching, you can change direction or stop the action.

When you squat, jump over a larger part of your body that is covered in potential hits. Your head will also be more protected and will leave the danger zone more quickly. Since the head is the most vulnerable part of the body in the game, any additional protection can make a difference.

You also land further than when you jump. If there is another object that you have to jump on again after your jump, you waste precious seconds and risk getting hit. With the crouch jump, you can jump over this object.

Disadvantages of crouching jump

Jumping is an official part of the game, so sometimes it’s the only way to reach certain areas. The new version of the game optimizes its environment so that you can perform the jump more easily. This means that it is now harder to crouch and jump over higher obstacles than it is to jump over them.

In addition, the crouching jump requires enough space to be successful. You need to have enough momentum for a sprint, so if you’re in a tight or crowded area, you won’t be able to do it. When you jump you can overcome this with just one wrench while still staying put.

how to squat in pubg

Should you use the crouch jump?

Squatting is difficult to master and is sometimes even considered cheating. It can bring a competitive and skill advantage, because not everyone can do it perfectly. If you like chaos, shootouts, and neat runaways, you’ll appreciate this skill.

Competitive players will feel rewarded by learning this skill, because the better you perform it, the faster and smoother it will become. Ultimately, it makes a difference.

On the other hand, the game tends to try to be more realistic in its movement and animation. With the crouching jump you end up with a bunch of players jumping like Spider-Man, which is the opposite of that goal.

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