VersusDead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: which Zombie Game is Better?

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: which Zombie Game is Better?

Zombie enthusiasts will love Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2's unique gameplay and vivid landscapes.

The process of making the Dead Island games has been wild. Dead Island, which came out in 2011, was the first game in the series. Techland was in charge of making it. They also made Dead Island: Riptide, which was an addition to the game and a half-step update. That came out in 2013, and after that, Techland stopped working on the series.

In 2014, it was said that Dead Island 2 would be made, but Techland wasn’t the company making it. In 2015, they started a new series called Dying Light. After a rough creation process, Dying Light 2 came out in 2022. Now, almost 10 years later, Dead Island 2 is out. Does it beat what Techland started in 2011 and Techland’s most recent game?

On the surface, Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 seem very similar in how they look and how they are played. Not a big surprise, since they both have roots in Dead Island from 2011. After working on that game, Techland went in a different direction and made the similar game Dying Light and then Dying Light 2. After a long and difficult process of making Dead Island, Deep Silver gave the game to Dambuster Studio. But looks aren’t always what they seem.

Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 are first-person zombie games with light RPG-style progression, but there are also many changes between the two. These include the music, the guns, and the zombies. Here are a few that we’ve found that might help you choose the right game. Don’t worry, we won’t give away too much.

Dead Island 2 Vs Dying Light 2: About

Dead Island 2 is an action role-playing game that takes place in the year 2023. It was made by Dambuster Studios and released by Deep Silver. It is the sequel to the video game Dead Island from 2011, and it is the third major game in the series. Techland made and put out the action role-playing game Dying Light 2: Stay Human, which is set in the year 2022. The game came out on February 4, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It was the followup to Dying Light. A version of the cloud for the Nintendo Switch is in the works.

FeatureDead Island 2Dying Light 2
Initial release date21 April 2023February 4, 2022
PlatformsPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, AndroidPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
EngineUnreal Engine 5, Unreal Engine 4C-Engine
DeveloperDeep Silver Dambuster StudiosTechland
GenresAction role-playing, survival horrorAction role-playing, open world, parkour
PublishersDeep Silver, Plaion, Hyper Tech GamesTechland
SeriesDead IslandDying Light
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Characters

Dead Island 2 Vs Dying Light 2

The main characters of Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 are both heroes with great energy and skill trees, but they are very different in other ways. At the start of Dead Island 2, players choose one of several personalities. Each one has different stats and starting skills that affect how you play. For example, some have faster health recovery, while others have better defense. “Skill cards” that can be found can be used to learn and change later skills.

Also, each character has their own quirks, but they all act pretty much the same so that they fit into the story of Dead Island 2. Early on, they find out that they are pretty much the only ones who are resistant to the zombie virus because of their genes. Yes, this will affect the story in the future, but it’s also why zombie bites have no effect on them. In Dying Light 2, on the other hand, there is only one person to play as, and they can go through the game however they want.

Even though he has numbers, most of them depend on the gear he can wear. Players can easily change their builds if they have the right loadouts. Unlike the main character in Dead Island 2, the main character in Dying Light 2 is just as sick with the zombie virus as everyone else. The only thing that keeps him human is UV light. This is an important part of the game’s story and adventure.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Combat

Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 focus on melee fighting and let you use a wide range of weapons. But the two games are not the same in important ways. In Dead Island 2, guns wear out over time and need to be fixed or replaced. This can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a fight. On the other hand, this is not a part of Dying Light 2. There is no wear and tear on weapons, so you can use them as much as you want without worrying about breaking them.

The way enemies are dealt with is another change between the two games. Most of the enemies in Dead Island 2 move slowly and lumber. This makes them easy to kill, but it can also make battles feel a little boring. On the other hand, there are more types of enemies in Dying Light 2. Some of them are very fast and quick. This makes the fights harder and more interesting.

FeatureDead Island 2Dying Light 2
Weapon degradationYesNo
Enemy varietyLowHigh
Importance of parkourLowHigh
Overall combat experienceFun and challengingMore fast-paced and exciting

Lastly, the way parkour is done in the two games is different. In Dead Island 2, people mostly use parkour to move around the world. It doesn’t matter much in battle. On the other hand, parkour is a much bigger part of fighting in Dying Light 2. You can use it to move around the battlefield fast, avoid attacks, and catch enemies by surprise.

Overall, fighting is both fun and hard in Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2. But Dying Light 2 has a few benefits, like enemies that are harder to beat and weapons that don’t get worse over time. Dying Light 2 is the better choice if you want a faster-paced and more exciting battle experience.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Parkour

Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 have a lot to do with parkour, which lets players get around quickly and easily. But the parkour features of the two games are not the same in important ways. In Dead Island 2, it’s not too hard to do parkour. There are no special moves or powers. Players can jump, climb, and slide. This makes Dead Island 2’s parkour easier for new players to learn, but it also makes it harder for skilled players to pull off difficult stunts.

On the other hand, parkour is more complicated in Dying Light 2. Players can do special moves like climbing up walls, sliding, and grappling, which lets them move much more fluidly and acrobatically. This makes it harder to get good at running in Dying Light 2, but it also gives skilled players more freedom and control. The two games’ parkour systems are also different in how they handle going up and down. Players can only jump from one level to the next in Dead Island 2.

This can make it hard to get to some places, especially later in the game. In Dying Light 2, on the other hand, players can climb almost any surface, giving them a lot more freedom to explore. Overall, the running in Dying Light 2 is harder and more complicated than that in Dead Island 2. But this also makes it more fun for people who are good at it. Dying Light 2 is the better game if you want a game with a deep and enjoyable parkour system.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Quests

Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 are quest-based open-world zombie games. But the goals in the two games are done in different ways. In Dead Island 2, quests are usually easy and involve tasks like clearing out a zombie-infested area, finding a particular item, or following a non-player character. Most of the quests are well thought out and offer a lot of variety. But they can also be boring and boring, and the benefits aren’t always that great.

FeatureDead Island 2Dying Light 2
Choices matterNoYes
RewardsNot very significantSubstantial

The quests in Dying Light 2 are bigger and better. The quests are more complicated and usually have more than one goal. They also tend to have more of a story, and the decisions you make can have a big effect on how the quest turns out. When you finish a quest, you get more valuable gifts that can help you improve your character and weapons.

Overall, Dying Light 2’s quests are harder and more satisfying than Dead Island 2’s. But the quests in Dead Island 2 are still fun, and they give players a lot of material to look into.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Enemies

Dead Island 2 Vs Dying Light 2

In games with zombies, players spend most of their time fighting the monsters. But not every zombie gets sick in the same way. These differences affect not only how they look but also how hard they are to deal with.

Even though there are both zombies and humans as enemies in the first Dead Island, there are only zombies in Dead Island 2. There are the usual rotting shamblers and fast runners, but there are also ripped bodybuilders and fat zombies that put the “projectile” in “projectile vomit.” Some zombies are even drawn to certain elements and are always on fire or sending out electricity. These zombies seem to be the result of chance changes, which fits with the more arcade-like feel of Dead Island 2. They also blow up and fall apart in ways that are often funny and bloody.

People and zombies are both on the list of enemies in Dying Light 2. Players will fight different human groups depending on which side they are on, but each enemy will still have its own specializations no matter which side they are on. Even the zombies have different looks and ways of moving, and some of them only come out at night. In contrast to other games, the more strong zombies in Dying Light 2 are shown as “natural” progressions of the zombie infection. This helps the game feel more real and grounded.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Graphics

Dead Island 2 is more artistic, with bright colors and over-the-top blood effects. On the other hand, Dying Light 2 is more realistic, with a darker color scheme and less blood.

The graphics in Dead Island 2 are highly impressive. The character models and environments are both very detailed. But the stylized art style can be jarring at times, and some players might find the gore effects too much.

FeatureDead Island 2Dying Light 2
Art styleStylizedRealistic
Color paletteBrightDark
Gore effectsOver-the-topSubtle
ImmersionLess immersiveMore immersive
Visual strikingnessMore visually strikingLess visually striking

The images in Dying Light 2 are also very good technically, but they are more realistic. The character models, surroundings, and blood effects are all more realistic. This makes Dying Light 2 more realistic, but it also makes the game less interesting to look at than Dead Island 2.

In the end, everyone has their own opinion about which game has better images. Dead Island 2 is better if you want a more artistic and over-the-top experience. Dying Light 2 is the better choice if you want a more real and engaging experience.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: World

Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 have a lot in common with other zombie stories. In both games, society is a mess, and the world is in different states of disrepair based on how long the zombies have been around. But there are some important but small differences between the worlds that help set them apart.

Dead Island 2 is set in California during a zombie outbreak. If not for all the dead bodies, broken cars, and left-behind bags, the game world would be very pretty. Since some of the human infrastructure is still kind of working in Dead Island 2, many buildings still have power, and most of the puzzles for exploring involve finding keys or putting in one-time breakers. Also, even though most of Dead Island 2 is about physical weapons, guns are still a good choice because they were recently in the world. This world can be visited, but some parts of it are off-limits.

Dying Light 2 takes place in Villedor, a made-up city in Europe, many years after a zombie virus broke out. Guns are hard to find in the world because society has almost completely broken down. Players are free to look around the huge, high area, but it’s not easy to do so (more on that later). As the game goes on, players can make decisions that change how the city looks and feels and who runs it. Also, since Dying Light 2 takes place in a huge, open-world city, the game puts a lot of emphasis on parkour skills and gives players a grappling hook and paraglider for good measure.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: Plot

Four years after a zombie attack, Dead Island 2 takes place in Los Angeles. The player takes control of a survivor who has to fight through waves of zombies to get out of the city. The game has a lot of different tools and skills, and players can go wherever they want in the city.

Villedor, which is made up, is where Dying Light 2 takes place. The player takes control of a survivor who needs to help the people of the city stay alive during the zombie apocalypse. The game is more like parkour than Dead Island 2, and players can climb buildings and look around the city from its roofs.

Dead Island 2 has a simpler story than its predecessor. The goal of the game is just to get out of the city. On the other hand, the story of Dying Light 2 is more complicated. The player has to make decisions that will change how the game goes and can even turn into a bad guy.

FeatureDead Island 2Dying Light 2
SettingLos AngelesVilledor, Europe
PlotEscape the cityHelp the city’s inhabitants survive
GameplayMore traditionalMore parkour-oriented
PolishLess polishedMore polished

Both games look great in terms of their images. But in general, the images in Dying Light 2 are better. In Dead Island 2, the lighting and shadows are more lifelike, and Villedor is a more detailed city than Los Angeles.

Dying Light 2 is the better game in terms of how it is played. The controls for parkour are smoother and more rewarding, and the fights are harder. Even though Dead Island 2 is still fun, it doesn’t have as much depth or polish as Dying Light 2. Dying Light 2 is the better game all around. It has a better story, better graphics, and a smoother way to play. But Dead Island 2 is still a fun game, and it might be better for people who want a less complicated experience.

Dead Island 2 vs Dying Light 2: which game is better?

Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 are open-world zombie survival games, but their strengths and flaws are different. Dying Light 2 is more about movement and story, while Dead Island 2 is more about action and getting stuff. With its over-the-top violence and flashy guns, Dead Island 2 feels more like an arcade game. The game is also more forgiving, with a system called “respawn” that lets players get back into the action quickly after dying. But the story of Dead Island 2 is weak, and the personalities are easy to forget.

Dying Light 2 is a harder game, and it’s harder to get good at it. The game’s parkour system is very flexible and lets players move around the world in many different ways. The story of Dying Light 2 is also much better than that of Dead Island 2. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is exciting. In the end, the best game for you will depend on what you like to do. Dead Island 2 is a good choice if you want an action-packed zombie game where the main goal is to get as much stuff as possible. Dying Light 2 is the better choice if you want a game that is harder and has a better story.


Is Dying Light 2 better solo or multiplayer?

I found it much easier to play with other people than by myself. When playing alone, some tasks were hard because there were too many enemies or not enough time. With two people, they were a lot easier to handle. It’s a lot of fun to be able to split and conquer or work together against tougher enemies.

Is Dying Light 2 a success?

Just before their first anniversary, DYING LIGHT 2 sales hit a major milestone. Techland is starting to get ready for the one-year anniversary of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but first they confirmed that they have sold 30 million copies.

Will Dead Island 2 have parkour?

Dead Island 2 doesn’t have parkour, it’s not an open-world game, and there isn’t an almost endless amount of side material.

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