DealsDeal: 25% Discount on Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender, available for just...

Deal: 25% Discount on Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender, available for just $89.95

The Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender is a high-performance blender made to do a wide range of tasks in the kitchen, such as blending, pureeing, and crushing ice. This blender is great for making smoothies, soups, sauces, and more. It has a strong motor, different speed settings, and a large 72-ounce pitcher. The Ninja BN701 stands out because of its powerful 1,400-watt motor. This motor is strong enough to easily crush ice, blend fruits and vegetables, and puree soups and sauces.

With this much power, you can blend even the hardest ingredients until they are smooth and creamy. The Ninja BN701 also has more control over the blending process because it has different speed settings and a pulse function. This blender can do it all, whether you need to chop things up small or make a smooth puree. The Ninja BN701 has power and speed settings, and it also has a big pitcher that holds 72 ounces.


  • The blender is equipped with a powerful 1400-watt motor
  • Auto-iQ Technology
  • Sleek Design
  • safety features such as a locking lid and automatic shut-Off
  • The blender jar has a 72-ounce capacity

This pitcher is perfect for making large batches of smoothies or soups, and it is made from durable, BPA-free plastic. Also, the pitcher is easy to clean because it can go in the dishwasher. The Ninja BN701 is also great because it has a technology called “Total Crushing Technology.” This technology is made to quickly and easily break up ice and other hard ingredients, so you can always make drinks and smoothies that blend well. The blender’s blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, so they will stay sharp and last for a long time.

How to get Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender?

Last but not least, the Ninja BN701 is very easy to use. The controls are easy to use, and the blender is simple to put together and take apart for cleaning. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or just starting out, the Ninja BN701 is a great blender for all of your needs. Overall, the Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender is a strong and versatile blender that is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and make things in the kitchen. This blender can handle anything you throw at it thanks to its strong motor, multiple speed settings, and large pitcher. And since it is built to last and is easy to use, it is sure to last for many years.

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