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Deal: Fitbit Inspire 3 in just $79.95 at Best Buy

The adage “good things come in small packages” certainly applies to the new Fitbit Inspire 3, a cheap fitness tracker with an excellent battery life and a colour AMOLED display. This inexpensive tiny tracker is ideal for people wishing to take their first steps into fitness without a massive flashy gadget on their wrist or a significant dent in their budget, in a world with enormous smartwatch screens and even larger energy expenses.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 has a similar appearance to the Inspire 2, with the main device being slightly bigger and longer and the silicone band having a modest change. It maintains the predecessor’s svelte and lightweight appearance and feel, and like that gadget, it is quite comfortable on the wrist and simple to operate for the majority of tasks.

Although it may pull a few hairs if you tie it tightly, which is advised for the most accurate heart rate readings, the silicone holds your skin just firmly enough to prevent unwanted motions when exercising. The Fitbit Inspire 3 is the first Inspire to feature a colour display, which is a noteworthy upgrade given that, in our testing, it didn’t seem to have an impact on battery life. The always-on display option allows you to view the clock and your step count without waking the gadget up, and the display is very bright.

For the price, the Fitbit Inspire 3 offers a wide range of health-tracking functions, including SpO2 monitoring, a new feature that counts the amount of oxygen in your blood. While tracking their sleep and recuperation, athletes and fitness buffs have started using SpO2 data as a gauge of BO drops, maybe a sign of hypoxia.

This particular health metric has been around for a while, but it gained more recognition during the Covid-19 outbreak since it was a crucial sign of how well a patient was healing. Our testing of the Inspire 3’s heart rate tracking 24/7 revealed that it was reasonably accurate, and this information is used to power many other aspects of the gadget, including the calorie counter and exercise zones.

Amy Hinckley
Amy Hinckley
The Dell Inspiron 15 that her father purchased from QVC sparked the beginning of her interest in technology. At Bollyinside, Amy Hinckley is in charge of content editing. Emma's interests outside of working include going for bike rides, playing video games, and watching football when she's not at her laptop.


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