Deal on ASUS ROG Chakram X Gaming Mouse for only $129

Asus has included a number of quality features, including a large number of customizable options and a robust design. But at the same time, it also features additional buttons that can be difficult to reach, as well as customizable options such as switches that are rather irrelevant in the long run. There is no doubt that the Asus ROG Chakram X is at the high end of premium gaming mice, but it may not be at the top yet. For the most part, the Asus ROG Chakram X is a pleasure to hold.

Its sleek profile and wide design make it a dream for those with large hands like me, with a wider thumb rest for added comfort. Although its sleek profile may fit smaller hands, a wrist rest would be suitable for most hands, especially for extended use. Complete with three PTFE feet, the ROG Chakram X glides easily despite its hefty weight of 127 g, The ROG Chakram X also features a programmable multidirectional joystick located on the side of the mouse along with 4 additional side buttons. The buttons are arranged in a cross pattern, with the up and down buttons initially programmed for volume control.

In addition to the aforementioned side buttons and thumb joystick, the ROG Chakram X has much to offer. With several connectivity methods, users can take advantage of 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth options for wireless functionality with an expected polling frequency of 1,000 Hz. However, it also supports USB-C connectivity for an impressive 8,000 Hz polling frequency that is simply a joy, although more than most users will ever need. Buy the ASUS ROG Chakram X Gaming Mouse right now at $129

Both the left and right main buttons are detachable and interchangeable with 3- or 5-pin mechanical switches. It can be a bit daunting for new users to change them for the first time, but it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to set them up properly and get them working again. Thanks to Asus’ Armoury Crate software, the Chakram X is extremely customizable. It has been difficult to discuss the software in previous reviews, which allows customization on all fronts, whether it’s assigning buttons and macros to the side buttons, DPI settings, or RGB options.

Changes can be made on the fly, although the Armoury Crate feels a bit crowded if you only want to use it to change Chakram X settings, simply because it acts as a hub for all Asus products, highlighting the latest offers and promotions. Overall, the Asus ROG Chakram X gaming mouse is a worthy competitor, with some slight design flaws. Whether it’s the hard-to-reach thumbstick or the sensitive left and right click buttons, these annoyances persist, but they rarely detract from the excellent build quality and smooth functionality.

John Brister
John Brister
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