Deal on ASUS ROG Claymore II Wireless Gaming Keyboard for only $219

ASUS ROG Claymore II is a full-size wireless gaming keyboard with a modular numeric keypad. Each side of the board has slots that allow you to place the numeric keypad to the left or right as needed. You can also remove it completely to use the keyboard in TKL format. All keys are programmable using Armoury Crate software and have a fast charging port and USB passthrough. The board is pleasant to use, but the ROG RX Blue mechanical optical switches require some force to operate, so they may be a bit heavy to use. However, it is also available with ROG RX Red linear mechanical optical switches.

Although you can use the board wirelessly, you can only use it with its USB receiver, so you cannot connect it to Bluetooth-only devices. ASUS ROG Claymore II has a modular numeric keypad that changes its size from full-size to TKL when removed. You can attach the keypad to the left or right side of the board. Without the numeric keypad, the board is 14.68″ (37.3 cm) wide and weighs 1.89 lbs (0.856 kg). The palm rest is full-size, so it fits snugly over the attached numeric keypad, but it protrudes if you use the keyboard in TKL mode. If this bothers you, try a modular keyboard like the Mountain Everest Max.

The ASUS ROG Claymore II is built very well. The plastic body flexes very little and has a metal base plate with a brushed finish that contributes to the solidity of the board. The ABS doubleshot keycaps feel good, but are not as durable as the PBT keycaps. All keys are stable, including the Shift and Enter keys, and only the space bar has some wobble. The rubber pads on the underside have good grip, so the keyboard is unlikely to move if you rest your hands on it. The angled feet are less grippy, but should still hold quite well.

ASUS ROG Claymore II has RGB backlighting with individually illuminated keys. Color mixing is excellent, with no hint of color when the lighting is set to white. There is a battery indicator in the top left corner next to the logo, but you can also customize it as another RGB zone. The ASUS ROG Claymore II’s cable is very stiff and retains many folds due to packaging. Both ends are USB-C, but the board comes with two USB-A adapters: a male-to-female adapter and a female-to-female adapter. The female-to-female adapter is a USB receiver extender that must be used with the cable.

You can use the ASUS ROG Claymore II wirelessly via its USB receiver. ASUS claims the battery lasts 144 hours with the backlight off and 43 hours with the backlight on at 100% brightness, but we did not conduct any tests. The USB receiver is a USB-C connection. ASUS ROG Claymore II offers a great typing experience. The ABS keycaps have a slightly textured surface, and although they are quite pleasant to type on, they are prone to polishing from finger oil.

All keys are stable, including the Shift and Enter keys, and only the space bar has some wobble. Thanks to the tilt setting and the wrist rest, you should not feel much fatigue from typing on this keyboard. The ROG RX Blue mechanical optical switches are a bit heavy, but should not strain your fingers. If you are left-handed or prefer to use the numeric keypad with your left hand, you can easily attach it to that side. Buy the ASUS ROG Claymore II Wireless Gaming Keyboard right now at $219

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams
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