Deal on ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Gaming Headset for only $180

Asus’ ROG Delta headphones have always been designed on the basis of outstanding audio quality-if you are an audiophile, each version has always been one of the best models to consider. With the Delta S Animate, the same is true, but this time with an emphasis on customization. Equipped with new 245 AniMe Dot Matrix mini-LED displays, both earcups can now broadcast custom animations, allowing for more customization than ever before. The “D”-shaped earcups of these headphones are unique and make me think of a triangle, despite the official name.

We do not object to this choice; we like that headphones opt for unusual earcup shapes to try to achieve more comfort than the norm. I am thoroughly enjoying this scalene triangle-see and you never thought to use geometry! Curly-haired nerds, check this part out: The headband that goes over the head is a cushion wrapped in PU leather.

The headset software includes different audio settings, including game, music, FPS, communication, and so on. The settings make a difference, so it’s good to play with them, but the bottom line is that these headphones sound great. The Asus Delta S Animate software, Armoury Crate, controls the microphone, sound optimization, and AniMe Matrix display. Buy the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Gaming Headset  right now at $180

There are also options to turn reverb on and off and change settings for Bass Boost, Compressor, Voice Clarity, Noise Gate, Perfect Voice (which boosts voices to provide clearer communication) and AI Noise Cancellation. There is also an equalizer. With so many options to adjust, it makes sense that different user profiles can also be created and customized. The possibilities offered by an audio interface like Armoury Crate are indeed many.

The Delta S Animate has an impressive unidirectional microphone and settings that support it. The Animate microphone and Armoury Crate software integrate well with OBS. It is not difficult to use while streaming. The more you change EQ settings and create different profiles, the easier it is to stream. Whatever is touched in OBS does not compromise the software settings. The ability to customize so many options for this microphone allows us to focus on things like ensuring that the audience can hear the audio.

John Brister
John Brister
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