Deal on Galaxy Watch 5: watch list priced $329.99 is now available for $269.99

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s battery lasts up to 10 hours longer, and its sapphire crystal glass screen makes it less likely to get scratched. The bottom curve is changed to fit wrists more naturally and to increase the amount of skin that actually touches the sensor. This makes the readings more accurate.

Speaking of health sensors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a new one to offer a skin-temperature reader. It doesn’t actually work yet, but when it does, it’ll inform sleep tracking and be open to third-party health developers. There’s no getting around it: the old Galaxy Watch 4 and the new Galaxy Watch 5 don’t look very different from each other.


  • Sporty, yet versatile design
  • Stronger, scratch-resistant screen
  • Added skin temperature sensor
  • Longer-lasting battery life

We get a wearable that is slim and light, fits well on the wrist, and is very comfortable to wear. This one could be worn on just about any occasion. It would look just as good on the track or at a casual evening get-together if you just changed the strap. Sadly, there’s no titanium case on the Galaxy Watch 5, as Samsung has opted for Armor Aluminum instead.

In case that one doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a refresher: it’s the same material that makes up the frame of the Galaxy S22-series. It’s a smooth, light material that feels nice to the touch, doesn’t show fingerprints, and has a high-end feel, so everything is fine in the world.

Both Watch 5 sizes have circular Super AMOLED screens, with the 40mm model’s screen measuring 1.19-inch and the 44mm model’s screen sporting a larger 1.39-inches. At 330ppi, it’s a little sharper than the Apple Watch 7. It’s interesting that Samsung didn’t go with a square or rectangular design like most of its competitors, like Amazfit’s GTS series, Huawei’s Watch Fit, and Fitbit.

How to get Galaxy Watch 5?

The Watch 5’s display quality is very good. It can get as bright as 1,000 nits, which makes it easy to see outside, and the fun watch faces from Samsung make it look lively and full of life. In fact, the whole interface is made up of brightly coloured elements on top of deep blacks that blend into the bezel. This makes for an interesting interface.

Dian Erwin
Dian Erwin
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