ArticleDealsDeal on Havit Mechanical Keyboard: 15% off and get this for $36.54

Deal on Havit Mechanical Keyboard: 15% off and get this for $36.54

Who says that to get more, you have to spend more? Havit’s Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard shows that you can have it all: great performance, full programmability, a beautiful design, and a price that makes its more expensive competitors look bad. The top plate of the Havit keyboard is made of aluminium, and the rest of the keyboard is made of plastic.

The Havit takes up a lot of space because it is a full-size keyboard, and the wrist rest makes it even bigger. The Havit fits the “gaming” style because it has RGB lighting and a lot of onboard functions and icons. Even though the keyboard and mouse are both black, I wouldn’t call them simple. Once the lights are on, they have a lot of personality.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Nice wrist wrest
  • RGB lighting
  • Software compatible with mouse and keyboard

With the Havit keyboard’s 14 lighting presets and endless software-based customization options, you can add your own style. This is definitely one of the benefits of getting a mechanical keyboard instead of a standard office keyboard. The Havit keyboard has a simple, angled wrist rest made of plastic.

I found that it made typing much more comfortable. But the rest is a little hard to put on and take off. If the angle of the keyboard isn’t right for you, you can use the kickstands on the bottom to raise it. Strangely, the kickstands don’t have rubber stops, so it might move a bit when you type with them out. A thick USB cord is coming out of the middle of this keyboard.

The cable can’t be taken off, which is common for cheap keyboards. If you buy a full-size keyboard, you probably won’t move it around much, so you don’t need a cable that can be taken off. You can choose from 14 different lighting effects that have already been set.

How to get Havit Mechanical Keyboard?

This includes fixed colours, full RGB wave modes, breathing effects, lighting up every time a key is pressed, and other modes that let you choose which keys light up. If you like having a lot of options for RGB lighting, this keyboard has what you need. Havit definitely has the options you’d want and want to show off.

John Brister
John Brister
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