Deal on Level Bolt Smart Lock: list priced $199.00 is now for $179.97

Level Lock in 2020, we liked how easy it was to set up and that it worked with Apple HomeKit. However, we didn’t like that it only worked with a few third-party platforms and had a semi-hollow deadbolt. The new Level Lock Touch Edition can be opened with one touch using your finger or a key card, and it looks just as stylish as before.

However, remote access still requires a HomeKit hub or a Ring Sidewalk-compatible camera. It’s hard to say what the Level Bolt looks like because it’s meant to disappear once it’s in place. The Level Bolt has two main parts: a round section in the middle that connects to your deadbolt and a bolt that locks your door when it’s shut.


  • Supports Apple HomeKit and Ring Sidewalk
  • One-touch locking and unlocking
  • Key card access
  • Quiet motor
  • Stylish design

The parts of the Level Bolt go inside your deadbolt, so no one would ever know if you had a smart lock or not. The Level Bolt worked as expected. It was easy and quick to lock and unlock my door. With one press of a button on our phone, it moved the bolt smoothly in and out. If you have a HomeKit Hub, you can control the Level Bolt remotely.

However, because the lock talks to the hub via Bluetooth, the range is not as far as it would be with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z-Wave. My HomePod is in my office in the attic, which is far from my front door. To use it, we had to make sure our phones were in Bluetooth range of the lock. The Level Bolt app’s home screen is pretty simple.

It’s mostly a big picture of a mid-century modern chair, with the words “Level Lock” and a big icon in the bottom third. If you press and hold the icon, you can open the lock. Almost too awesome. The big red and green buttons on August’s smart lock app, on the other hand, aren’t as stylish, but they make it easier to tell at a glance whether your door is locked or open.

How to get Level Bolt Smart Lock?

As with other smart locks, you can make guest passes to let people in for a short time, or you can add users by their email address or phone number. You can also make recurring passes by adding specific people. For example, you can give your dog walker a pass that lets them in during working hours, but not on weekends. The Level Bolt can also re-lock itself after a certain amount of time (up to 3 minutes), but it can’t tell if your door is open or closed and can’t tell you if it is.

James Hogan
James Hogan
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