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Deal on PreSonus Eris E5 Studio Monitor for only $99

Speakers are one of the most difficult decisions to make when setting up your home DJ studio. There are many things to consider when it comes to speakers. Choosing a specific pair of speakers that were reasonably priced but still offered solid performance was not an easy task. Of course, the first and by far the most important thing is sound quality. The Eris E5s offer solid sound quality.

The response is relatively flat, which is critical for a good studio monitor. The mids are well refined and deliver on their promise of providing an unaffected sound. Aside from these differences, the Eris E5 BT follows a very similar format to PreSonus’ other multimedia monitors, with the left monitor serving as the master and the right monitor connected via the included 2-m speaker cable. This means that the left monitor includes the Class D amplifier that powers both speakers and also has all the input connections.

On the back are the main inputs on both 1/4″ TRS and RCA jacks, and on the front is a 1/8″ stereo jack for connecting an auxiliary source. Also on the back is the high and low band equalizer. This offers discrete +/-6dB at 10kHz and 100Hz, respectively. Other controls on the front panel include the power switch, volume level, and headphone output with 1/8″ mini jack. Pairing the E5 BT for Bluetooth use is very easy with the dedicated pairing button on the back, while the blue power LED above the volume control flashes to let you know what is happening.

You can also use the Bluetooth and analog inputs simultaneously, which can greatly simplify operations in a multimedia setup. It is worth noting that plugging in headphones disables the monitors. Sonically, the E5 BT has a rather open sound, and separation and imaging are both good. As would be expected, bass extension is reasonable and the bass tail is smooth. Sweeping the oscillator downward revealed audible bass information down to about 45Hz. The built-in amplification provides plenty of volume, and at higher volumes the bass port creates ample power.

The low mids could be filled in a bit, and the midrange is rather reserved. However, we think the overall frequency balance is good and works well from the start. That said, the built-in equalizer is quite powerful, and we found that, after a bit of adjustment, boosting the highs and cutting the lows a bit could achieve a more typical monitor sound. This made the low mids less reserved and lifted the high mids slightly.

Overall, the Eris E5 BT is a solid addition to the Eris family and, at just over £200 a pair, offers excellent value for money. But if you want to be even more convincing, the product comes with the PreSonus Studio Magic software suite, which includes a combination of processors, synths and samples from leading developers.

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams
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