DealsDeal on Razer Mamba Elite: save $52.04 and get this for $37.95

Deal on Razer Mamba Elite: save $52.04 and get this for $37.95

The Razer Mamba Elite is a great wired gaming mouse for people who use their right hand. It has a sleek, black design that looks a lot like other Razer mice. It also has 20 RGB zones that can be changed to fit any gaming setup. It’s great for gaming because it has a short time between clicks and the CPI and polling rate can be changed. Even though it’s a little on the big side, any hand size should be able to hold it with a palm grip.

However, people with smaller hands may find it a little too big for a fingertip or claw grip. No one will be surprised to see that the Razer Mamba Elite has a classic matte black case with a neon green outside. When you open the box, you’ll find the Mamba mouse in its protective plastic case, with the cable tied neatly behind it with a rubber stopper.


  • Very low click latency.
  • Outstanding performance with customizable CPI and polling rate.
  • Well-built and comfortable design.
  • Lots of button-mapping options.

The 2.1-meter cable is tied in a small bundle with loops that are about 3 inches long. This means that once you take the cable out of the box, it will be kinked. Even though this is only temporary. Razer mice always have a classic look, and the Mamba is no different. There are, however, a few important differences I’d like to point out.

The finish is a classic matte, and there are two newly designed side gripping pads to make it more comfortable and prevent mistakes when you’re in the middle of a battle. For me, the pads do provide grip, but when I play first-person shooter games.

How to get Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse?

Even with all of that, the Mamba is still a great-looking mouse. Its Chroma lighting system, which is always impressive, has 20 lighting zones. On either side of the 2.1m braided cable, there are two grills that wouldn’t look out of place on any car but do please my sense of style. Overall, this mouse looks great, but I think the grips on the sides could use a few changes.

John Brister
John Brister
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