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The Redragon Adiemus GS560 sound bar is the company’s debut product for a soundbar format, and it does not fall short of expectations. Your whole gaming experience will be improved as a result of its crystal-clear and sharp sound as well as its lovely and rich lower levels. The soundbar comes in a basic package that is easy to open.

It is a simple cardboard box that is very light and has been precisely crafted to suit the speaker. There are two braces made of a white spongy foam that are holding the speaker firmly in place. Because the speaker is light and does not have a significant amount of mass, there is not a lot of moving as it is being shipped. The artwork and insignia of Redragon are as polished as they have ever been and adorn the box.


  • Rich Sounds & Look
  • Lightshow Projection
  • Bounce to Daylight
  • Plug & Play for Broad Compatibility

The speaker itself is quite understated and does not emanate any sign of belligerence in any way. It features a streamlined design, is moulded in matte black, and primarily consists of straight lines. The body of the speaker is tapered from the front to the back, while the ends of the speaker have a tight, curved surface that sweeps backwards.

The volume control and power button are located on the front face of the speaker grill, smack in the centre of the face. The finish on this control knob is more of a satin texture, and it has a warm sheen that beckons users to “touch me.” The Redragon logo, which is located on the top of the speaker, also functions as a touch spot so that the user can toggle between several lighting settings.

The bottom of the speaker is equipped with a comfortable foam anti-slip pad to ensure that it does not move about while in use. The fact that this gadget is so lightweight makes this a very desirable feature. If Redragon had chosen to use small circular pads instead of larger ones, the speaker might have been more prone to movement as a result of bumps and the pressures exerted by the cord.

Where to get Redragon GS560 RGB?

The sound that is produced by the Adiemus GS560 is on par with what you would anticipate from a speaker in this price category; yet, the quality of the sound produced is significantly higher. The higher frequencies come through with immaculate clarity. If you are playing a video game, you WILL hear birds chirping, bullet shells clinking on the ground, and anything else that relies on clear and accurate sound. The speaker’s performance in the midrange and lower frequency ranges is where it separates itself from the competition in this class.

Dian Erwin
Dian Erwin
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