DealsDeal on Sangean WR-11SE Radio: originally $139.00 is now for $82.99

Deal on Sangean WR-11SE Radio: originally $139.00 is now for $82.99

A radio that looks and feels old is special in its own way. From the precise analogue knobs that turn to the single big speaker in a wooden cabinet, it’s a great set. The WR11-SE 40th Anniversary Edition Table Top Radio from Sangean has the look of an old radio. The WR11-SE radio is small but has all the features you need. It’s 11.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches tall, and 6.5 inches deep, which makes it a great addition to your kitchen counter or office desk.

The WR11-SE is heavier than most radios its size, as it weighs more than 6 pounds. The unit is not meant to be moved around a lot, so its weight is a good thing. The solid MDF and Walnut wood are used to make the acoustically tuned wooden cabinet. Not only does the cabinet make the radio look good, but it also makes the sound better than a typical plastic radio. We like the way the WR11-SE looks and feels as a whole.


  • Has a standard headphone jack
  • Has a universal AC power adapter.
  • The design is retro; vintage
  • Providing clear, excellent sound & static-free listening
  • best sounding tabletop radio

Sangean knows how to make radios, and this one is ready to make a statement. It’s a radio that you’ll be happy to show off to family and friends. The WR11-SE is easy to use in the same way that some of the first tabletop radios were. Plug it in, choose FM or AM, and turn the big tuning knob to find your station.

The tuning dial has a unique feel that makes it easy for the listener to choose the exact frequency they want. All of the knobs are easy to turn and show that care was taken when making them. This WR11-SE model comes with standard AM and FM radio, as well as an auxiliary-in jack that lets you listen to music from a source other than the radio.

You can use the built-in FM antenna or add your own external FM antenna for more range. On the back of the unit, there is a headphone jack and a record-out jack. When you think about how the radio works, you might find that the WR-11SE has some problems. First, this radio doesn’t work with any kind of battery.

How to get Sangean WR-11SE Radio?

To work, the radio must be plugged in. Also, this radio doesn’t have many of the nice features that come with a digital-tuning radio. There is no LCD clock or frequency display, and you can’t save your favourite stations. The WR11-SE goes back to the basics, but if you want a vintage tabletop radio, the fact that it doesn’t have these features might not bother you.

George Southwell
George Southwell
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