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Deal on SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera, original price $399.99 deal price $349.99

SimpliSafe is a well-known brand in the market because home security systems are becoming more and more popular. Their 12-piece wireless home security system with an HD camera is a complete way to keep your home safe and secure. The system comes with a base station, a wireless keypad, an entry sensor, a motion sensor, an HD camera, and six more sensors that you can put anywhere in your home.

The base station is where the whole system is controlled, and the wireless keypad lets you use a PIN to arm and disarm the system. One of the best things about this system is the HD camera, which lets you watch your home from your phone or computer in real time. The camera has a field of view of 120 degrees and can be controlled from a distance, so you can pan and zoom to get a better look at anything that looks suspicious.


  • Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Glass break sensors
  • Customizable settings

The entry sensors and motion sensors are easy to set up and can be put anywhere in your home to keep an eye out for anything that shouldn’t be there. The sensors are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about running wires through your home.

Another great thing about this system is that it can be changed in any way you want. You can add more sensors, cameras, and other devices as needed to make a security system for your home that fits your needs. The SimpliSafe system is also easy to put together and use. The process of setting up the system is easy, and the system comes with detailed instructions and videos to help you do it.

Where to get SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera?

The system is easy to use once it is set up. It has a simple interface that lets you arm and disarm it with just a few clicks. Overall, the SimpliSafe 12-piece wireless home security system with HD camera is a great choice for anyone who wants a flexible and all-inclusive way to protect their home. This system is a great investment in the safety and security of your home because it is easy to set up, can be watched in real time, and has many features that can be changed.

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