DealsDeal on Triton Audio FetHead: save $33.99 and get this for $89.99

Deal on Triton Audio FetHead: save $33.99 and get this for $89.99

If you use dynamic and ribbon mics that need a lot of gain, the Triton Audio FetHead will take their performance to the highest level. This in-line mic preamp uses high-end Class A FET technology to give you a clean boost of up to 27dB. The result is a signal with less noise, more sensitivity, and better response to sudden changes.

Also, FetHead keeps your ribbon mics safe by keeping them from getting phantom power. Stop turning your mic pres past their usable range if you want to get the most out of your dynamic or ribbon microphones. Get FetHead, and you can enjoy a signal that is low in noise and very clear. FetHead is easy to use because it is set up in a straight line.


  • In-line mic preamp loaded with top-quality Class A FET technology
  • Delivers up to 27dB of clean, FET-fueled gain
  • Yields a cleaner signal with lower noise, greater sensitivity, and improved transient response
  • Latches directly onto any XLR-equipped mic
  • Can also be placed anywhere between your mic and preamplifier or console
  • Safeguards fragile ribbon mics against phantom power damage

It fits easily on any microphone with an XLR plug, or you can put it anywhere between your mic and your preamplifier or console. The electronics of FetHead are also housed in a strong metal chassis with balanced I/O. This small in-line preamp is tough enough for home, studio, and stage use, according to us at Sweetwater.

The Triton Audio FetHead will improve the sound of any mic you plug into it because it has 27dB of clean gain powered by FETs. It can take a 57-style dynamic mic to a whole new level of performance by making it more responsive over a wider frequency range and giving high-end dynamic and broadcast mics a studio-level sound. FetHead lowers the impedance load on ribbon microphones, giving them better transient response and a longer usable range.

This is a must-have for capturing quiet sources. Have you ever used phantom power to fry an old ribbon mic? If you haven’t, you’re lucky, because it’s a scary thing to go through. FetHead prevents this bad thing from happening. It uses phantom power to run its circuitry, but it doesn’t send phantom power to your microphones. It’s the best way to protect your delicate ribbon mics.

How to get Triton Audio FetHead microphone?

Last but not least, the FetHead is a simple solution for live situations where the microphone preamp that is to be used makes too much noise once a certain gain level is reached. This is a common problem for bands and artists who have to adapt to different conditions from night to night, mic up quiet instruments, and feed the signal into mixing boards of varying quality.

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John Brister
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