DealsDeal: Save $181.20 on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Grab it for just...

Deal: Save $181.20 on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Grab it for just $748.79

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is the best Android tablet for work that you can buy. It’s the first phone that can connect to 5G networks, and it’s also a performance powerhouse that can handle multiple tasks with ease. Even though it doesn’t include 5G or a subscription to a carrier that lets you use it, nor does it include the Book Cover Keyboard Case, it’s one of the few laptop alternatives that make sense, especially if you commute or travel a lot and don’t want to deal with a hotspot.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is put together beautifully. It has a smooth, frosted glass back that feels nice to touch and sharp edges that look a lot like those on the iPad Pro. The sharp frame looks nice, but it’s not the most comfortable shape for wearing for long periods of time. The only things that break up the clean frame are four loudspeakers tuned by AKG and a few antenna lines.


  • Solid build quality
  • Beautiful Super AMOLED display
  • Samsung DeX mitigates Android’s lack of tablet app support
  • S Pen included at no extra charge
  • Keyboard cover feels terrific to type on

The only thing that breaks up the clean lines on the back is a shiny bar near the side that is used to attach and charge the S Pen. The Tab S7+ is very well made. It is very thin and light for its size. Let’s not forget that this is the biggest flagship tablet that Samsung has ever made. The size of the device has grown a lot to make room for the 12.4-inch screen that takes up most of the front.

It’s bigger and wider than the Galaxy Tab S6, but at 5.7mm, it’s just as impressively thin as its predecessor. It has gained some weight and now weighs 575g. Even though it has a 12.9-inch screen, it is both thinner and lighter than the iPad Pro for comparison’s sake.

How to get Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?

With its Snapdragon 865+ chipset, the Tab S7+ was a real powerhouse when it came out. This means that in 2022, you still get the features and performance that were meant to be the best in their time. We humbly believe that the flagship of yesteryear is a better buy than the midranger of today. It never feels like it’s struggling to keep up with the user, and there’s always performance left over. With its high refresh display and streamlined One UI interface, this tablet feels much faster than its predecessors.

Amy Hinckley
Amy Hinckley
The Dell Inspiron 15 that her father purchased from QVC sparked the beginning of her interest in technology. At Bollyinside, Amy Hinckley is in charge of content editing. Emma's interests outside of working include going for bike rides, playing video games, and watching football when she's not at her laptop.
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