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How to Delete Xbox Account on PC and Phone

Permanently delete your Xbox account with these simple steps.

If you’ve ever owned an Xbox, How to Delete Xbox Account on PC and Phone, and a significant number of PC gamers who play games developed by Microsoft also have an Xbox account. When a user is looking to archive their gaming accomplishments, they make things simpler and more streamlined for the user.

Nevertheless, Xbox accounts are in a strange state of limbo. Due to the fact that they are not actually their own accounts and are instead directly connected to a Microsoft account, deleting them can feel like walking a tightrope at times. Since that is something that no one wants, we will walk you through the process of deleting your Xbox account here in this guide.

What is Xbox?

Microsoft made and owns the Xbox brand of game consoles. The game console can be hooked up to a TV or some other kind of screen. Games on Xbox have graphics that look real. The Xbox’s online gaming service gave Microsoft an early foothold in the online gaming market and made it a strong competitor to other gaming consoles.

Why Would You Want to Delete Your Xbox Account?

  • You no longer want to play video games. If you’ve decided you don’t want to play games on Xbox anymore, deleting your account is a good way to free up space on your device and keep you from being tempted to start playing again.
  • You’re switching to a new platform. If you are switching to a different gaming platform, like PlayStation or PC, deleting your Xbox account may be the easiest way to move your games and data.
How to Delete Xbox Account on PC and Phone
  • You’ve been broken into. If someone broke into your Xbox account, deleting it might be the best way to keep your personal information safe.
  • You are younger than 18. If you are under 18 and made an Xbox account without your parents’ permission, you may have to delete it to follow the Xbox Live terms of service.

How to Delete Xbox Account on PC

  1. Turn on your computer and open the browser you want to use.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account that is linked to your Xbox account on the Microsoft website.
  3. Choose “Security” from the blue line at the top.
  4. At the bottom of the new page, click “More Security Options” and re-enter your password.
  5. You might also need to enter a security code that Microsoft sends to your email.
  6. Click the “More Security Settings” link.

How to Delete Xbox Account on Phone

  1. On your Android phone, open the Xbox app.
  2. Tap the tab that says “Profile” in the bottom right corner.
  3. Then, tap the icon in the top right corner that looks like a gear.
  4. Swipe down on the Settings menu and tap the Sign out button.


Can I delete my Xbox account but not my Microsoft account?

When you use that account on Xbox or sign in to the Xbox website, it creates an Xbox profile that is linked to this email, so you can’t separate them. If you choose to delete your Microsoft account for good, your Xbox profile will also be gone.

Can you permanently delete an Xbox one account?

Before you completely delete your Xbox Live account, you should know that once you ask for it to be deleted, it’s gone for good. This includes all your games, money, subscriptions, and anything else on the account. So, if you don’t want to lose them, you might want to check a few things on your account.

Why did my Xbox delete my account?

Microsoft (Xbox) accounts can’t be deleted without the user’s permission, and even then, they are put on hold for at least 30–90 days before being deleted. My suggestion would be to see if this other account had another email address linked to it and try to log in with that.

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