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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Unveiled Quest

Destiny 2 Unveiled Quest Guide: How to Get the Strand Aspects

The Quest for Destiny 2 Unveiled is one of the new missions that were added in with the release of the Season of the Witch content update. While Eris is busy trying to become a Hive god by slaughtering hordes of enemies, back on the neon-soaked sands of Neomuna, there are new Strand Aspects to grab. As was the case in the previous season, each of the Strand classes now has a new Aspect that modifies the way in which they are played.

Weavewalk is an invulnerability state that is based on the Strand, Banner of War is similar to a miniature rift that focuses on melee and sword damage, and Whirling Maelstrom makes Tangle explosions significantly more lethal. You will need to complete the Unveiled quest in order to get these, and here is what you need to do and where you need to go in order to do so.

How to Complete the Unveiled Quest in Destiny 2

  1. Inspect the Data Crawler.
  2. Return to the meditation table.

Inspect the Data Crawler

Checking Osiris’s data crawler for more information about the Veil’s history is the first step of the Unveiled Quest in Destiny 2. This will allow you to learn more about the past of the Veil. Therefore, you will need to travel to the Veil Containment, which can be located in the lower-left hand corner of the Neomuna map. This is the location where the previous epilogue quests were conducted. Engage in conversation with the machine, and pay attention to the audio log.

Return to the meditation table

After you have finished listening to the audio, you will need to travel to the Pouka Pond in order to finish the Unveiled Quest that is part of Destiny 2. On Neomuna, you can find it in the area between the Hall of Heroes and the Striders’ Gate. When you interact with the pond and then select the Aspect option from the menu, you will notice that a newly available aspect is ready to be purchased.

Rewards and Benefits of Completing the Unveiled Quest

  • Unlock the Strand Aspect: Upon completing the quest, you will unlock a new Strand Aspect for your Guardian. Strand Aspects are powerful abilities that can be used to customize your Guardian’s playstyle.
  • Increase your Power Level: Completing the quest will also grant you a significant increase in your Power Level. This will make you more powerful and allow you to tackle more challenging content.
Destiny 2: How to Complete the Unveiled Quest
  • Gain access to new weapons and armor: Completing the quest will also give you access to new Strand weapons and armor. These weapons and armor are powerful and can help you to dominate your enemies.
  • Progress the story: The Unveiled quest is part of the main story campaign for Destiny 2. Completing the quest will progress the story and unlock new missions and content.

Strategies for Success: How to Make the Quest Easier

  • Have a plan. Take some time to learn about the enemies and challenges you will face on a quest before you start it. This will help you decide which weapons, armor, and skills to use.
  • Use the right tools and protection. Different types of enemies are best fought with different kinds of weapons and armor. Make sure you have the right weapons and armor for the quest you are doing.
  • Cover up. Destiny is a first-person shooter, but you also need to hide. Use cover to stay out of harm’s way and reload your weapons.
  • Use what you can do. Your Guardian has a lot of different skills that can be used to defeat enemies and reach goals. Use your skills often and wisely.
  • Play with other people. Quests can be easier and more fun to do with friends. You can help each other defeat enemies and reach goals.
  • Stop and rest. If the quest is making you angry, take a break from it. Come back to it when you’re not so tired.

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How do you get the new strand aspect?

You can acquire these potent new Strand Aspects by completing the Unveiled quest that Nimbus gives you on Neomuna. Nimbus can be found on Neomuna. The first thing that Guardians have to do is complete the Lightfall campaign in order to unlock the Strand subclass for their character. The quest can be completed quickly and with little effort.

Can you get forerunner without 30th anniversary?

Along with the release of the 30th Anniversary expansion for Destiny 2, a new sidearm known as the Forerunner was also made available. This weapon, in contrast to the Gjallarhorn, can be obtained even without the 30th Anniversary expansion pack being purchased.

Has Weavewalk been disabled?

Bungie has disabled the Weavewalk Warlock Strand Aspect in Destiny 2, which was just released earlier this week. This Aspect and new Strand Aspects for Hunters and Titans were made available with the release of the Season of the Witch for Destiny 2 earlier this year. Bungie has a history of inadvertently adding game-breaking items and abilities to their games, and this trend continued with Destiny 2.

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