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Destiny 2 review

Destiny 2 is an action MMO with a unique evolving world that you and your friends can join anytime, anywhere, absolutely free.


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There are new tasks to accomplish, unique missions and sandbox features to experience in Destiny 2. Not to mention the seasonal content released in conjunction with the campaign and the March 5 raid.

Explore the solar system’s mysteries and engage in responsive first-person shooter action in the universe of Destiny 2. To alter the appearance and gameplay of your Guardian, unlock strong elemental skills and gather special equipment. Solo or with pals, enjoy Destiny 2’s cinematic plot, difficult co-op missions, and a variety of PvP options. Download for free right now to start your own legendary tale.

In Destiny 2, the last safe city on Earth has been destroyed and is lying in ruins, where a formidable new foe and his elite army, the Red Legion, have taken up residence. Each participant makes a unique persona known as a “Guardian,” who serves as humanity’s chosen guardians. In order to combine the city’s forces, stand as one, and fight back to recapture their home, Guardians in Destiny 2 must learn new skills and weaponry. Players in Destiny 2 embark on a new adventure with numerous things to uncover and new locations to explore throughout our solar system.

In Destiny 2, there is gameplay for practically every type of player, including solo, cooperative, and competitive gamers set in a massive, dynamic globe. In many ways, Destiny 2 is significantly altered by The Witch Queen. Weapon crafting, a brand-new location to discover, an upcoming raid, a ton of weapons to grind for, and a ton of sandbox changes that upend everything are all present. However, the writing isn’t as strong as in some earlier expansions. And today below we have mentioned the details of Destiny 2 review.


Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Bungie
Categories: Action Adventure Free to PlayDestiny 2
Release Date: 1st of October 2019

System Requirements

CPU: Intel – Core i3-3250 / AMD – FX-4350
Platform: Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit or Window 11
Video Card: Nvidia – GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD – Radeon HD 7850 2GB
Pixel shader: 5.0
Vertex Shader: 5.0
Free Didk Space: 68 GB
Dedicated Video RAM: 2048 MB

Destiny 2 review: Design

The preceding six-player design events were the series’ best-designed material; to succeed, participants had to plan and orchestrate their movements. Leviathan does the same, and it is full of carefully planned conflicts that are challenging mostly because they demand design that each player cooperate in their specific responsibilities for the good of the squad. It is worth the effort to become raid-ready because the level of coordination required of players is truly unlike anything else on the shooter market.

While they add a lot to Destiny 2, the game as a whole would benefit if more of the enigmatic mysteries, challenging fights, and design variants from the raid and raid lairs were included in the main game. Strikes, Adventures, Lost Sectors, plus a ton more NPCs to exchange tokens for reputation and difficult exotic quests to complete are all available. All of them are made to satisfy your ravenous search for greater power in the medium term at least by randomly spitting out slightly more potent weapons and armor than you currently have on.

Destiny 2 review: Gameplay

The first Destiny is a powerful first-person shooter built utilizing knowledge from Bungie’s time creating the Halo series, but small changes have made a significant difference in Destiny 2 when it comes to increasing the intensity and excitement of in-game combat. A headshot on a Fallen rewards you with a light display as its soul exits its body, and Destiny 2 slings these kinds of visual and gameplay benefits left and right.

For instance, popping an enemy’s shield with the right damage type leads it to hit its close teammates with area-of-effect damage. Whether Destiny 2 is doing well or poorly from month to month is a running joke among enthusiasts. The response from players can fluctuate drastically from elation to angst as Bungie tweaks the gameplay balance and numerous advancement systems in the game.

The gameplay Witch Queen essentially maintains the same main Destiny 2 loop. While gameplay some weapons received nerfs to bring them back into line, others received boosts to make them more competitive. The glaive, a melee/ranged/defensive option in the Special slot, is new to this expansion. It’s really enjoyable, especially considering that melee strikes don’t use ammo. Weapon crafting is the other significant change. Loot has driven the Destiny grind since the beginning as you search for the “godroll” weapon. However, if you put a lot of work into it, you can now create your own godroll.

Destiny 2 review: Graphics

The environments in Destiny 2 provide a fantastic feeling of scale. The maps are enormous, but significantly, they are more densely packed and encourage exploration than Destiny’s. Everywhere you look, there is attention-grabbing detail, from strange alien writing on walls to gateways that rip through dimensions. In terms of graphics, Destiny 2 is a masterwork that really benefits from moving past the previous generation of consoles. Graphics thought, blimey, this is what 700 developers get you when I first saw the crashed human colony ship on Nessus, with its enormous rockets sticking out of the earth in the distance.

Destiny 2 review: Features

Additionally, Destiny 2 Feature is more tolerant of players who might not have many gaming companions or a lot of spare time. High-skilled players are encouraged to assist those in need with the Guided Games feature. When your clanmates complete endgame events, you will receive lovely purple engrams if you join one. In conclusion, Bungie has cleverly opened up the progression process. Leveling up still requires time, but it’s more enjoyable.

The main goal of Destiny 2 feature is still to increase player counts until they can no longer be increased, but Bungie now oversees the process like a skilled referee; the fans don’t notice because there isn’t much to be upset about. While Destiny 2 received accolades for the quality of its single-player campaign at launch, the endgame’s flaws quickly became apparent. The feature lack of variation in PVE content and the unbalanced nature of PVP both drew criticism from both reviewers and the game’s ardent following.

There were only six strikes and twelve PVP Crucible maps in Destiny 2 at this point. The game’s first six-player raid encounter was quickly released by Bungie, although the weapon and reward systems were changed in an unpleasant way during this early stage of Destiny 2. As a result, a few months after Destiny 2’s release, Bungie published a thorough blog post in which they explicitly addressed this criticism.

Destiny 2 review: Sound

A sound Destiny 2 soaring music supports the action-packed missions in the meanwhile before switching to a somber tone. Overall, the sound design is excellent, with pleasing flashes of sparkle every time a chest is opened or a muting of background noise when you shoot down sights. Every change is significant because it ensures that you receive the audio information you require without being overloaded.

The Witch Queen’s campaign’s triumphant, relentless, and thick with intertwined elements that allude to the series’ past became apparent as I started the last assault on Savathûn’s citadel. The Content Vault’s irony is that Destiny 2 loves to make historical allusions. The sound Witch Queen maintains a quiet and ominous soundscape. Most of the time, I don’t play music so loud, but we did appreciate having it playing in the background while I investigated or solved a new mystery.

Final Words

There are new busywork tasks, unique missions, and sandbox features to experiment with Destiny 2. Not to mention the seasonal content that was released concurrently with the campaign and the March 5 raid. In conclusion, The Witch Queen currently has a lot to offer. With the exception of the unimpressive narrative, The Witch Queen is a good addition to Destiny 2.

Even for an experienced player like me, there is a lot to juggle if you’re a new player because there is almost too much to do. From what we can see, the new player experience is still not that great. We advise anyone considering playing Destiny to find some friends who are experienced with it and can teach you the basics.

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There are new tasks to accomplish, unique missions and sandbox features to experience in Destiny 2. Not to mention the seasonal content released in conjunction with the campaign and the March 5 raid.Destiny 2 review