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Difference Between SAP HANA and NetWeaver: Things to know

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Check Difference Between SAP HANA and NetWeaver: Things to know

Netweaver is a new SAP framework, which is primarily based on ESA’s Business Services Architecture. There is no difference between SAP BW and BI in the core functionality, both are used for ETL and reporting, but SAP Netweaver BI extends to BW, which contains many functionalities compared to the previous version. Netweaver is a name called SAP because it is a new architecture, it supports many other products and other languages ​​like Java, .net and you can have easy integration with IBM products as well as Microsoft products.

You need to do your research, invest time, and weigh the pros and cons to find the right software. For example, NetWeaver and SAP HANA can help people who want to be more productive, make informed decisions, and achieve fast data retrieval and analysis. Although both NetWeaver and SAP HANA are valuable resources that facilitate successful application development and deployment, these platforms have their differences. NetWeaver refers to application servers that work as separate entities and are designed to serve the needs of web services. It is also a component of SAP HANA and forms its extensive network. Many people believe that SAP HANA is easier to use and offers more functionality.

Difference between SAP HANA and NetWeaver


SAP HANA is a unique and powerful in-memory database that uses a simpler model compared to other databases. While individual databases store their data on disk, SAP HANA stores it in memory, allowing you to work much faster to retrieve the data you need. Users can get Enterprise Linux for SAP Hana for faster service delivery, proper system maintenance, and reduced risk of service outages.

SAP HANA application services enable users to build and run custom applications and manage their life cycles. The latest versions of the platform offer enhanced capabilities and more functionality as they take advantage of the Internet of Things and AI technologies. SAP HANA is ideal for database management, application development, data virtualization, and advanced analytical processing.

With a lot of investment invested in growing and managing big data, SAP HANA is useful for keeping large amounts of data in storage, making it ideal for a scale-out environment. However, since RAM costs more than hard drives, horizontal scaling is only feasible in certain cases.

Advantages of SAP HANA

SAP HANA provides real-time decision-making and analytics capabilities by enabling data processing while other business processes continue, providing valuable insights immediately. With SAP HANA, you can process data quickly and directly from RAM, as the in-memory capacity enables fast data processing and transactions. In addition, the platform allows data processing and storage in rows and rows, as well as parallel processing, which increases the speed of work.

Unlike conventional databases, which do not allow OLAP and OLTP transaction processes to be used at the same time, SAP HANA enables simultaneous and parallel access to different databases for analytical (OLAP) and transactional (OLTP) queries. . SAP HANA’s source-independent capabilities make it easy to retrieve data from multiple external sources and enable easy data integration by making SAP HANA compatible with various database management systems (DBMS).

Disadvantages of SAP HANA

Since SAP HANA is only supported on Linux or SAP certified hardware, it is difficult and expensive for people who want to use it with other hardware as the license is quite expensive. Due to frequent updates and SPS releases, older versions quickly become outdated, which is costly and time consuming.

Hybrid HANA solutions that run part on-premises and part in the cloud present many problems and functional issues. SAP HANA servers were reported to be down due to computational load and heavy processing. Also, the database is not compatible with all ERP products, so ERP users need to make architectural changes to use HANA.

SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver supports multiple SAP applications, such as CRM and ERP, and offers integration and analytics usage types, such as PI & Portal and BW. It can work independently for different purposes. NetWeaver is an excellent resource for users who want to consolidate components, methods, and information in the SAP setup with many NetWeaver-based SAP applications.

Advantages of SAP NetWeaver

NetWeaver facilitates effective collaboration in the workplace by providing system administration features, streamlining user communication, increasing security, and providing detailed assessments. It also offers real-time analytics, allowing you to make decisions based on instant information. By customizing your current business system, NetWeaver saves you time and money.

Disadvantages of SAP NetWeaver

While NetWeaver offers users great benefits, it also has its drawbacks that you should consider before committing to it. These include licensing requirements that will cost you and a high total cost of ownership.

Final remarks: Difference Between SAP HANA and NetWeaver: Things to know

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