ArticleDealsDigipower DP-VL120 120 LED Photo Video Light is now $30 less, now available for just $49.99

Digipower DP-VL120 120 LED Photo Video Light is now $30 less, now available for just $49.99

The Digipower DP-VL120 LED Photo Video Light can be used for both taking photos and making videos. This light has 120 LED bulbs and a universal camera mount adapter, so it can help users improve their lighting setup in many ways. One thing that makes this LED light stand out is that it is small and light. The DP-VL120 is very portable, so it’s easy to take it with you and use it in different shooting situations.

Whether you’re shooting in a studio or outside, this light is easy to move around and doesn’t add much to the size of your gear. The 120 LED bulbs give off enough light to effectively light your subjects. You can change how much light comes out, so you can control the brightness to suit your needs. This is especially helpful when shooting in different lighting situations or when making photos or videos with different moods.


  • LED Light Array
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Color Temperature Control
  • Universal Camera Mount Adapter
  • Diffusion and Filter Options

The universal camera mount adapter that comes with the light makes it easy to attach it to any standard tripod or camera. This gives you a lot of options for placement, so you can get the lighting angle and coverage you want. Also, the adapter is strong and holds the light firmly in place, keeping it steady while it’s being used. In terms of how well it works, the DP-VL120 lights up reliably and consistently. The color temperature can be changed from warm to cool, so you can make the light match the light in the room or make other lighting effects.

The light also has a high CRI rating, which means that it shows colors accurately, so your photos and videos will look natural and real. The way the DP-VL120 is made is good enough. The plastic case seems strong and can handle normal use. But it’s important to be careful with the light so it doesn’t get broken. The buttons and controls are easy to understand and use, making the device easy to use. The battery life is one thing that could be made better.

Where to get Digipower DP-VL120 120 LED Photo Video Light?

The DP-VL120 runs on rechargeable batteries, which are not included. The battery life is good, but it might not be enough for long shooting sessions. To avoid interruptions, it’s best to carry extra batteries or have a way to charge them on hand. The Digipower DP-VL120 LED Photo Video Light is a flexible and inexpensive way for photographers and videographers to light their work. Its small size, ability to change brightness and color temperature, and universal camera mount adapter make it a good choice for many kinds of shooting. Even though the battery life could be better, the DP-VL120 works well and is a good deal for the price.

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