BlogsFixed: Disney Plus Stream Keeps Buffering (Easy 6 Fixes)

Fixed: Disney Plus Stream Keeps Buffering (Easy 6 Fixes)

Fix Disney Plus Stream Keeps Buffering: You get some popcorn, sit down on the couch, and load up Disney+ to stream some entertainment for the evening. But when you try to play a movie or show, it either won’t load or keeps buffering. We’ve all been in this situation, and we all know how frustrating it is.

If you can’t stream anything on Disney+ because it keeps buffering, we’ve put together this guide with lots of helpful troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. If you do each of these in order, Disney+ should hopefully start to behave.

Fix: Disney Plus Stream Keeps Buffering

Fix Disney Plus Stream Keeps Buffering

Restore the Disney Plus app

  1. Press and hold on to the Disney + App.
  2. When it shakes, a menu will pop up on your screen.
  3. Here tap on the remove app, then tap on the delete app.
  4. Now it will uninstall on your device.
  5. After uninstalling the application, then install the App again.

Try Restarting Everything

  1. Turn off the modem and router by pressing the power button or unplugging them from the power source.
  2. Power off your streaming device (TV, tablet, computer, etc.).
  3. After a good minute, turn the modem and router back on.
  4. Turn on your streaming device.

How to Clear Mobile Browser Data/Cache on Android

  1. Open “Settings,” then choose “Apps & notifications.”
  2. Tap “See all ### apps.”
  3. Browse and select the “Disney+” app.
  4. Select “Storage & cache.”
  5. Tap on “Clear storage” followed by “Clear cache.”

Check the connection

  1. Maybe it’s a slow internet connection that is causing the buffering.
  2. Streaming services require a high speed, and depending on the quality, the speed varies.
  3. So do try and see whether you can stream the content on a lower resolution.
  4. Lower resolution will mean lower bandwidth usage, and hence it should not buffer even with low internet speed.

Update the application

  1. Outdated version of Disney+ on your streaming device can impact playback performance.
  2. Get the new version of the application.
  3. Update it right away on your streaming platform.
  4. Check whether you can stream Disney+ this time around or not.

Clear Cache File via Xbox

  1. Open my games and apps option on your Xbox.
  2. Then go-to apps and open the Disney plus
  3. Click on the menu option in the App and tap on the manage
  4. In the manage app, click on the clear the saved data option. That’s it.

What actions can I take if Disney Plus continues to experience buffering or freezing?

  1. Restart the app – In some instances, this problem can be caused by a temporary glitch, so go ahead and close the application and start it again and check if that helps.
  2. Restart your devices – If the problem isn’t related to your app, it might be caused by your devices. Turn off your device and unplug it. Leave it like that for a minute or two then turn it back on. You can also do this for your network devices.
  3. Test Internet speed – Streaming services require a reliable Internet speed for the best performance. 5.0 Mbps for High Definition and 25.0 Mbps for 4K UHD streaming.
  4. Change the video quality – In case you’re having network issues, changing the video quality from Automatic to Standard can sometimes help.
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