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Download Windows 10 ISO for Free

This guide is about the How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Free. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Free.

Did you know that you can download a Windows 10 disk image for free from Microsoft? This is seemingly little known, but yes, you can download a perfectly legitimate Windows 10 ISO without registering or even without a product key, and you can install and run the whole of Windows 10 with an image as well.

Once Windows 10 ISO is downloaded to your computer, you can use it to install it on a virtual machine, create an installation drive, use it in Boot Camp, or install it on your computer. What you do with a Windows 10 disk image after downloading is your job, but the file has no practical limitations because it is a complete official release as a disk image downloaded directly from Microsoft. Activation can be skipped and performed later.

How to Download Windows 10 Disc Image ISO Free from Microsoft

You can download a Windows 10 disk image with any web browser from almost any operating system, we’ll show this on a Mac, but you can also download it to another Windows or Linux computer. The file arrives as a standard .iso disk image file. Here you want to do:

  1. Go to this official download page for Windows 10
  2. Select the version of Windows 10 you want to download, then select the language for which you want to download the Windows 10 ISO and confirm
  3. Click the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 10 to download to begin downloading the ISO file

Download Windows 10 ISO for free from Microsoft

Windows 10’s ISO 64-bit release is just under 5GB, so it may take some time to download to your computer. If you’re downloading Windows 10 to your Mac, you’ll find the large file in the download directory when it’s done.

Windows 10 ISO file downloaded

Once you’ve downloaded the operating system, you can use the ISO file for any purpose you want, whether it’s installing Windows 10 on Boot Camp on a Mac, installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox on a Mac (or PC), making a Windows 10 USB installation drive on a Mac , make the installer DVD by burning a big one, install on Boot Camp on a completely different Mac, or even use ISO to upgrade, install, or install Windows 10 on your computer. It is a full Windows 10 ISO and is thus compatible with everything else that Windows would normally be compatible with.

Windows 10, which runs on a virtual machine in Mac OS X.

Activate Windows 10 or not

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a product key to download Windows 10, nor do you need a product key or Windows 10 activation just to install and use the operating system; during the installation process, you can delay entering the product key and do it later. Disk image download is free, although the product key is clearly not.

It is important to note that if you do not want to activate Windows 10, access to the publication is restricted and certain operating system features will not be available until you activate the publication. Windows 10 can be activated after installation by entering a product key obtained from either the Microsoft ordering process or elsewhere.

To activate Windows 10, select Settings> Activation, where you can purchase a product key and enter it to activate the system.

How to activate Windows 10

Of course, if you plan to use Windows 10 after a test run, or want all the features like the ability to use it continuously, change the wallpaper, and customize your system, you might want to purchase a full release and a product key that you can enter into an already installed Windows 10 release.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Free

Microsoft offers Windows 10 for free download in this way, providing a great way to test your Windows 10 experience before committing to buying it. It’s also useful for developers or those who just need to run Windows 10 for a specific purpose, perhaps to test a specific single game or a specific application. Note that web developers have another option, which is to run Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 on a separate virtual machine, as described here, which is also an official download from Microsoft. This solution may be easier for some users if the primary purpose of downloading Windows 10 is to run on a virtual machine anyway, as it arrives as a pre-configured virtual machine that only needs to be booted into VirtualBox or VMware. However, for optimal performance, you need to run Windows 10 directly on either your PC or Mac Boot Camp.

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FAQ: How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Free

In this guide, I told you about the How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Free.

In this guide, I discuss about the How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Free, which is very helpful.

Apple Devices only.

mac OS or iOS

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