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ArticleVersusDubsado vs Keap: which CRM is right for you?

Dubsado vs Keap: which CRM is right for you?

Client administration is simplified by Dubsado; marketing automation by Keap. Keap specializes on marketing tools, Dubsado in customer organization.

Dubsado and Keap are two of the best business software programs that help businesses in different but related ways. They focus on different parts of running a business, but both are important for making things run more smoothly and getting more done. Dubsado is mostly a platform for managing business relationships (CRM). It gives businesses the tools they need to handle and grow their relationships with clients. This includes tools for lead capture, project management, billing, and more. Dubsado is important because it can centralize information about clients, automate administrative tasks, and give both companies and clients a smooth experience.

On the other hand, marketing automation is what Keap does best. It makes it easier for businesses to automate marketing efforts, keep track of leads, and communicate with customers in a good way. Keap is important because it makes marketing easier, so businesses can send targeted messages, follow up with leads, and eventually make more sales. Keap makes marketing easier by including tools like email marketing, CRM, and e-commerce integration. This helps businesses stay competitive in a digital world.

Dubsado vs Keap Comparison table

This table shows the main differences between Dubsado and Keap. Dubsado is easy to use and has a lot of contract features. Keap, on the other hand, has powerful marketing automation tools but is harder to learn and costs more.

PricingStarts at $35/month (billed annually)Pricing varies; starts at $79/month
Client ManagementContact database with client profilesCRM system with lead and client management
Invoicing and PaymentsCreate invoices and accept online paymentsInvoicing, payment processing, and quotes
Workflow AutomationCustomizable workflows for project and client managementAutomation for sales and marketing
Email MarketingLimited email marketing capabilitiesRobust email marketing and automation
Contract and ProposalCreate contracts, proposals, and formsProposal creation and e-signatures
Appointment SchedulingIntegration with Calendly and Acuity SchedulingAppointment scheduling and reminders
Time TrackingLimited time tracking featuresTime tracking and reporting
Reporting and AnalyticsBasic reporting on client and project dataComprehensive sales and marketing analytics
IntegrationsLimited integrations with third-party appsExtensive integrations and API access
User-FriendlyUser-friendly interfaceLearning curve with powerful features
Customer SupportEmail support, community forumPhone and chat support, extensive resources
CustomizationCustomizable forms, branding, and client portalsHighly customizable CRM and automation
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Dubsado vs Keap: Ease of Use

Dubsado vs Keap

Dubsado is a tool that is easy to use. It’s easy to find your way around because the design is clean and easy to use. The onboarding process is also very helpful because it takes you step by step through the basics of the website. Dubsado is easy for me to use when it comes to making meetings and sending contracts. The scheduling calendar is easy to use, and the contract forms are well-written and easy to change.

Dubsado is, all in all, a very easy tool to use. It works well for businesses of all kinds, but solopreneurs and small businesses especially benefit from it. Keap is also easy to use, but I find it a bit more complicated than Dubsado. The layout is a bit more complicated, and it can take a while to figure out how to use it. But Keap has more features than Dubsado, so it’s a good choice for businesses that need CRM and marketing tools that are more powerful.

I find it especially easy to make and send email messages with Keap. The email designer is easy to use, and it’s simple to make emails that look beautiful and professional. Overall, I think Keap is a good choice for businesses that need more features than Dubsado has. But it’s important to know that Keap is sometimes harder to learn than Dubsado.

Dubsado vs Keap: Templates and Customization

Dubsado has many templates for all parts of your business, such as proposals, contracts, bills, and intake forms. These templates are easy to change to fit your brand and process. I think the themes on Dubsado are well-made and easy to use. Keap also has a number of themes, but I find them harder to use than the ones on Dubsado. It can be hard to make changes to the Keap templates, so I often have to start from scratch. You have a lot of freedom with Dubsado when it comes to how you customize your themes. You can change the fonts, colors, and patterns to match your brand.

Your templates can also have unique fields and logic added to them. I like how powerful and flexible Dubsado’s customization choices are. There are some customization choices in Keap, but they aren’t as good as the ones in Dubsado. You can change the styles and colors of your templates, but you don’t have as much say over how they are laid out and how they work. Dubsado is the best tool for templates and making changes, in my opinion. The templates in Dubsado are well-made and easy to use, and the choices for changing them are very powerful and flexible.

Here’s an example of how I use themes and customization in Dubsado to make my business run more smoothly: I have a unique intake form that I give to new clients to fill out. The form has spaces for the name of the client, their contact information, details about the job, and a budget. I’ve also added custom fields to collect information about the client’s goals, schedule, and budget. I use the customization tools in Dubsado to make the form look professional and fit with my brand.

I’ve also added logic to the form so that when the client submits it, a proposal is sent to them immediately. I’ve saved a lot of time and trouble with this unique intake form. I no longer have to ask new clients for information by hand. The form also helps me sort leads and make sure I only work with clients who are really interested in working with me. I am very happy with Dubsado’s layouts and the ways I can change them. They’ve helped me get my business more organized and saved me time.

Dubsado vs Keap: Integrations

Dubsado vs Keap

As the owner of a service-based business, I’ve used both Dubsado and Keap, and I can say that both have powerful and flexible interfaces. But I’ve found that the interfaces in Dubsado are a bit easier to use and set up. For example, Dubsado is already connected to Google Calendar, which makes it easy to sync your bookings and meetings. Keap also works with Google Calendar, but it needs to be set up with a third-party app like Zapier.

Dubsado is also built to work with Stripe, which makes it easy to get paid by clients. Keap also works with Stripe, but it’s not as easy to set up as Dubsado’s. I’ve found that overall, Dubsado’s interfaces are easier to use and set up than Keap’s. But both systems offer a wide range of integrations, so you should be able to find the ones that work best for your business.

Here are a few ways I’ve used Dubsado’s connections to make my business run more smoothly:

  • I sync my Dubsado orders with my Google Calendar using the Zapier integration. So, I can see all of my plans in one place and make changes quickly.
  • I let clients pay me straight through Dubsado by using the Stripe integration. This saves me time and trouble, and it makes it easy for clients to pay me.
  • I also use the Zapier connection to connect my Dubsado leads to my CRM system. So, I can keep track of all my leads in one place and easily contact them.

Dubsado vs Keap: CRM and Marketing Automation

Dubsado is a great choice for businesses that need a CRM and marketing automation tool that is simple and easy to use. It works well for freelancers, consultants, and other companies that offer services. I love how easy Dubsado makes it to make proposals, contracts, and bills for clients and keep track of them. It also has an easy-to-use built-in system for scheduling meetings with clients.

Dubsado also has some pretty good marketing automation tools. I’ve used them to set up automated processes and email sequences for my clients. Overall, Dubsado is a great choice for businesses that want a CRM and marketing automation tool that is easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot.

Keap’s CRM and marketing automation tool is stronger than Dubsado’s. It’s a good option for companies that want more options and features. The contact management method in Keap is better than the one in Dubsado. It also has more advanced marketing management features like lead scoring and marketing through multiple channels.

The prices on Keap are also more open than those on Dubsado. You can pick a plan that works for your wants. Overall, Keap is a good choice for businesses that want a powerful and flexible CRM and marketing automation tool.

Dubsado: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Strong contract and proposal creation.
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses.


  • Limited email marketing capabilities.

Keap: Pros and Cons


  • Robust email marketing and automation.
  • Extensive CRM capabilities.
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing analytics.


  • Steeper learning curve.

Dubsado vs Keap: which one should you consider?

When deciding between Dubsado and Keap, you should think about what you need most. With tools like project management, invoicing, and contract management, Dubsado makes it easy for service-based businesses to keep track of their clients. It’s perfect for independent workers and small businesses.

Keap, on the other hand, focuses on CRM and marketing automation. This makes it a better fit for businesses that want to find and keep leads. Keap gives companies that want to scale up their marketing efforts powerful tools for email marketing and lead scoring. In the end, you should think about what your business goals are. If you want to focus on client management, Dubsado might be the best option, but Keap is a better choice if you want to focus on marketing automation and customer relationship management.


Is Keap a CRM tool?

Meet your all-in-one method for making sure your business grows in a predictable way. Keap’s features combine CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, payments, and much more into a single, integrated platform, so you can regularly convert more customers and grow your business.

What is Dubsado used for?

It’s an online system for managing clients that helps you plan, streamline, and automate the way you work with clients. So, you can email your clients, collect leads, send invoices, contracts, proposals, surveys, and so much more with Dubsado.

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