ArticleVersusEgrow vs Viral Launch: which one is right for you?

Egrow vs Viral Launch: which one is right for you?

Egrow does study on the Amazon market, and Viral Launch gives Amazon sellers tools and information.

Whether you’re a new Amazon FBA seller or an experienced one, it’s not always easy to know which tool will help you sell on Amazon the best. There are many different kinds of real arbitrage software, each with its own features, benefits, and drawbacks. Their main job is to help you find cheaper goods on eBay, Walmart, and other sites so you can sell them on Amazon and make money. Egrow and Viral Launch are two of these tools, and we’re going to compare them side by side based on different factors.

Egrow is a tool for researching the Amazon market that helps sellers find profitable goods and niches. It has features like tracking products, researching keywords, and analysing sales, which help users make smart choices and improve their Amazon business strategies. On the other hand, Viral Launch is a full set of tools for Amazon sellers that includes study on products, optimisation of listings, and information about the market. It gives sellers more power by giving them information about sales trends, competitor analysis, and keyword optimisation. This makes it easier for sellers to start and grow successful products on Amazon.

Egrow vs Viral Launch Comparison Table

The table shows the most important parts of two tools that help Amazon buyers, Egrow and Viral Launch. Egrow is all about researching products and keywords, while Viral Launch is all about analysing the market and optimising listings. Both systems offer different ways to improve how you sell on Amazon.

FeatureEgrowViral Launch
Product ResearchOffers Amazon product research with sales estimates, trends, and data analytics.Provides product research insights including sales estimates, competition analysis, and market trends.
Keyword ResearchIncludes keyword tracking and analysis for optimizing product listings.Offers comprehensive keyword research and tracking tools for SEO optimization.
Competition AnalysisAnalyzes competitors’ performance and strategies for better decision-making.Provides insights into competitor analysis, allowing users to strategize effectively.
Listing OptimizationOffers listing optimization suggestions based on research data.Provides guidance on optimizing product listings for maximum visibility and conversions.
Product LaunchSupports launch strategies with sales estimation and trend analysis.Offers product launch tools for effective promotion and initial sales boost.
Sales AnalyticsProvides historical sales data and performance metrics for informed decisions.Offers real-time sales tracking and performance analytics.
Pricing StrategiesAssists in setting competitive prices based on market trends and data.Helps users determine optimal pricing strategies for better profitability.
Platform CompatibilitySupports various Amazon marketplaces.Focuses on and other major Amazon marketplaces.
Customer SupportProvides customer support and resources for using the platform effectively.Offers customer support and educational resources.
Plans & PricingOffers multiple subscription plans with varying features.Offers different subscription plans based on the features required.
Trial PeriodProvides a free trial period with limited features.Offers free trials for specific tools and services.
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Egrow vs Viral Launch: User-Friendliness and Interface

Egrow vs Viral Launch

How easy Egrow and Viral Launch are to use and how they look are two of the most important factors in how Amazon buyers use them. Egrow has a simple, easy-to-use interface, which makes it good for both new and experienced buyers. Its dashboard is set up in a way that makes it easy to get to different tools, which speeds up product study and analysis.

Viral Launch is also made to be easy for users to use. It has a well-designed interface that makes jobs like keyword research, tracking sales, and analysing the competition easier. Its focus on the user makes it easy for buyers to quickly understand and use all of its features. Both systems offer helpful graphs and other visuals that make it easier to understand the data. Egrow is known for being simple and easy to use, while Viral Launch is known for being easy to navigate.

Egrow vs Viral Launch: Product Research Capabilities

Both Egrow and Viral Launch have powerful tools for researching products that can help e-commerce businesses find profitable business options. Egrow has a large database of goods and advanced filters that let users find products that are in high demand but have little competition. Its dashboard is easy to use and gives you information about sales trends, historical data, and keyword analysis, which helps you make smart choices.

On the other hand, Viral Launch has a full set of tools for finding new products. Users can use different filters and criteria to look for possible winners. It gives useful information about market demand, competition, and estimated sales, which helps with smart product selection. Both platforms let users figure out market trends, find niches, and figure out how successful a product might be. This speeds up the product study process.

Keyword Research and Optimization Tools

Tools for keyword study and optimisation are essential for e-commerce strategies that work, and both Egrow and Viral Launch offer useful solutions. Egrow has a set of tools for keyword research that help sellers find terms that are in high demand and keep track of where they rank. The site gives information about the number of searches, trends, and competition that can be used to improve product listings. Also, Egrow’s reverse ASIN lookup lets users check out the keywords and strategies of their rivals.

Viral Launch, on the other hand, has a complete keyword research tool that helps find relevant keywords to raise the exposure of a product. It gives sellers useful information about search volume, relevance, and competition, which helps them make smart choices. Viral Launch also helps optimise listings by suggesting relevant buzzwords that will increase the number of people who see a product and the number of sales it could make.

Egrow vs Viral Launch: Sales Estimation Accuracy and Methods

Egrow vs Viral Launch

Both Egrow and Viral Launch depend on how well sales estimates are made and how they are made. These tools give you important information about how a product might do in the competitive world of e-commerce. Egrow uses a method that is based on data. It looks at past sales data and trends to make accurate sales predictions. Its algorithm uses things like product rankings, reviews, and comments from sellers to predict how many items will be sold in the future.

On the other hand, Viral Launch predicts sales by using both machine learning techniques and real-time data analysis. For accurate sales predictions, it looks at things like market trends, seasonality, and data from the past. Both tools try to give users a full picture of how likely it is that their product will sell, so they can choose which products to sell and where to put their money.

Egrow vs Viral Launch: Data Accuracy and Reliability

When picking an Amazon product research tool, it’s important to think about how accurate and reliable the data is from Egrow and Viral Launch. Egrow gives users up-to-date and accurate information by getting data straight from Amazon’s API. This makes sure that the insights and metrics are reliable for making smart decisions. This gives users access to reliable data about product sales, trends, and ranks, which makes them feel more confident that their analyses are correct.

In the same way, Viral Launch focuses on data accuracy and uses Amazon’s API to get real-time information. Their dedication to keeping data accurate means that users can rely on the insights when judging the potential of a product, the competition, and market trends. Both systems try to keep differences and mistakes that could lead to bad decisions to a minimum.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms

When comparing Egrow and Viral Launch, it’s important to think about how well they work with e-commerce systems. Both tools are designed to make it easier for online stores to sell by working well with major e-commerce platforms. Egrow integrates with big platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, so sellers can sync their data, control their inventory, and track sales right from the tool’s interface.

On the other hand, Viral Launch also works well with Amazon, which is especially helpful for buyers who focus on Amazon. It lets users import their product listings, analyse their data, and optimise their listings for better visibility, all within the Viral Launch platform. The ease of integration is a key factor in getting the most out of the tools, helping users make smart choices and put plans in place to improve their online sales performance.

When thinking about Egrow and Viral Launch for your e-commerce business, Market Trends and Product Ideas are very important. Both platforms give sellers information about popular products and niches, which helps them make smart choices. Egrow gives a full study of the market, pointing out new trends, best-selling categories, and possible niches to look into. Its method is based on data, which helps sellers make sure their products meet current market needs.

In the same way, Viral Launch gives advanced market intelligence that shows valuable product opportunities based on sales trends, seasonality, and customer preferences. Users can find gaps in the market and take advantage of untapped potential with the help of the tool’s specific insights. By using the power of either platform, e-commerce entrepreneurs can stay ahead of the competition, find new ideas for products, and place themselves wisely in markets that are doing well.

Egrow: Pros and Cons


  • Robust product research capabilities.
  • Keyword tracking for SEO.
  • Multiple Amazon marketplace support.
  • Offers various subscription plans.


  • Some features might have learning curve.
  • Additional tools not as extensive.

Viral Launch: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive competitor analysis.
  • Efficient listing optimization.
  • Real-time sales analytics.
  • Variety of pricing strategies.


  • Primarily tailored to
  • Some features may not be essential for all sellers.

Egrow vs Viral Launch: which one should you consider?

Your e-commerce goals and tastes will help you decide between Egrow and Viral Launch. Egrow might be a good choice if you want a tool that can do a deep study of the market, spot trends, and give you insights into your category. It works well for buyers who want a data-driven way to find new niches.

On the other hand, Viral Launch might be a better choice if you care more about accurate sales estimates, keyword optimisation, and advanced research of your competition. Its focus on market data and making products stand out can help sellers make smart choices. In the end, your choice should be based on your business strategy, your target group, and the insights and features that are most important to you for your e-commerce success.


What is viral launch in Amazon?

Viral Launch gives you access to almost a dozen tools that can help you start and grow an Amazon store. It helps you find goods with a lot of potential, find the right key terms, make great listings, and run campaigns that are very targeted. I liked how easy it was to use and how strong it was.

What is Egrow used for?

Within 24 hours, Egrow will begin gathering information about the goods you choose. Use this tool to find information, keep track of metrics, and organise goods so that they work as well as possible.

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