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How to Escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Get tips on how to survive in the rural Texas town of Harlow, where the Texas Chain Saw Massacre takes place.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre features an asymmetrical horror gameplay loop in which the Victims attempt to evade the bloodthirsty clutches of the Family, while the Family does everything in their power to finally eliminate the surviving victims. The only way for victims to avoid an inevitable death is to leave the premises through one of the limited exits that are available. If you want to know how to Escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

There are always four exits to choose from on each map, regardless of whether you are at the Family House, the Slaughterhouse, or the Gas Station. Some of them will not activate without specific additional components, while others will leave victims wide open to detection and observation. The details of each exit are provided below.

How to Escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Exit Pressure Valve

Due to how close it is to Grandpa, the pressure valve exit is one of the more difficult ways out. The killers come back to the area often to give blood to Grandpa, so they can easily spot a survivor trying to open the main gate. This gate is blocked by a pressure valve, which is too bad. The first step is to find the valve. It is usually scattered around the map or attached to another object or machine. When you pick it up, it will go into your inventory. From here, go back to the gate, connect the valve to the big canister, and turn the valve until the pressure. It takes time for the gate to open, giving the killers enough time to come back and ruin the plan.

How to Escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Car Battery Charger

The back of the map, where the car battery exit is, is easier to open. The car battery close by is used to connect electricity to the gate in question. To get rid of this problem, follow the wires to the nearby old car and take the battery out of it. When the door opens, the survivors should be able to get out without too much damage.

Exit the Generator

The generator is needed to open the locked gate that leads to the main road. The way out is the same as with the car battery, though. You’ll need to find the generator and kick it to turn it off. After that, you can open the gate. It’s not as clear-cut as the car battery exit, though. You’ll need an unlocking tool to get through the gate and out.

Exit Fuse Box

Last, there is an exit from the fuse box. This escape is similar to the first one, the pressure valve escape, in that you must first find an object that is scattered around the map. The thing in question is a fuse, which is usually connected to something electrical. Usually, it’s found underground. Once you find it, take the fuse out and go back to the fusebox near the exit. Like with the generator escape, you’ll also need a tool to open the door.

Setting the Scene: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an American slasher movie from 1974. It was written by Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel, and it was directed by Tobe Hooper. Marilyn Burns, Gunnar Hansen, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, and Paul A. Partain are among the actors who are in it. In the movie, a group of five friends on a road trip through rural Texas are scared off by a family of cannibalistic.

The movie takes place in the made-up town of Harlow, Texas, in the year 1973. In the beginning of the movie, Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns), her brother Franklin (Paul A. Partain), Jerry (Allen Danziger), Kirk (William Vail), and Pam (Teri McMinn) are driving to their grandfather’s grave with four other friends. Along the way, they stop at a gas station and meet a strange hitchhiker, Jim Siedow, who tells them about a nearby house that is said to be haunted.

When the friends decide to check out the house, they find that it has been left empty. But they quickly find out that they are not alone. A family of who eat people lives in the house. One of them is Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen), who wears a mask made of human skin and carries a chainsaw. The official website will have all the information you need.


Can you go inside the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house?

The “real” Texas Chainsaw Massacre house is just where the movie (which is made up) was filmed. But yes, you can definitely come. Ironically, it’s been turned into a BBQ steak with a bar.

What happened to Leatherface face?

The screenplay for the third installment in this franchise called for Leatherface to have a more deformed appearance. This was done to convey the idea that the character suffered from syphilis, which had eaten away a significant portion of his face.

What is Leatherface’s weakness?

Standard Method: Leatherface will ambush his victims from behind and execute them with lightning speed using either his hammer or chainsaw. Weaknesses: Leatherface suffers from mental illness and behaves immaturely despite possessing the body of an adult.

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