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How to Farm Crops in Tears of the Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link is once again a homeowner. However, the housing system has been improved, giving Link more ways to customize his home than Breath of the Wild did. Link not only owns a house, but also, at least indirectly, some farmland. This gives him the right to grow crops on a small farm in Hateno Village. In this article we will talk about the How to Farm Crops in Tears of the Kingdom.

This lets him grow rare ingredients that are needed to cook and make elixirs. Link must finish both parts of a side quest that starts in Hateno Village before he can farm and grow crops in Hateno Village. To start this side quest, the player must have already unlocked the camera, but there are no other requirements.

How to Farm Crops in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Talk to the teacher in the Hateno Village School during the day. he will ask for proof of the Calamity.
  • Go to Kakariko Village to the northwest. Enter the Chief’s House and go to the upper floor bedroom. On the wall, you’ll find a picture depicting the Calamity. Take a picture with the Camera function on your pad.
How to Farm Crops in Tears of the Kingdom
  • Return to the teacher during class to show the image.
  • Teach Me A Lesson 2 Quest Next, the teacher will ask you to show the students a rare recipe.
  • Combine Monster Extract, Goron Spice, and Hylian Rice to create Monster Curry. Monster Extract can be purchased from Tarrey Town. Goron Spice can be purchased in Goron City. And Hylian Rice is available in Hateno Village.

Tears of the Kingdom: About the Game

When it comes to Zelda games, Nintendo isn’t very clear about how the story goes. Nintendo calls Tears of the Kingdom a “epic adventure across the land and skies of Hyrule.” This is also true. Nintendo says that players will “use Link’s new skills to fight back against the evil forces that threaten the kingdom.”

Tears of the Kingdom looks and sounds much darker than Breath of the Wild, at least in some places. The game’s trailers show Link and Zelda in dark dungeons where evil is trying to take over, but they also show bright, airy places where Link glides between islands. It seems to be a game about balance, and we will see how the important joy of exploration in Breath of the Wild mixes with the dark storyline.


Where is Hateno village Zelda?

To find Hateno Village, you will need to head Southeast of Central Hyrule. It’s found just North of the Necluda region, at around coordinates 3415,-2122,0121. You can see this on the map below: Your best bet is to climb up to the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower to ping the surrounding area, and open up your map.

Can you farm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can grow crops outside the school in the small farming plot. Before diving headfirst into a farming frenzy, you must complete the “Uma’s Garden” side quest. Uma knows all the ins and outs of crop growing and will be your trusty guide.

What is the hardest crop to farm?

This Japanese horseradish is notorious for being hard to grow. It grows naturally in rocky riverbeds and attempts to replicate wasabi’s natural habitat haven’t found much success. There are dozens of reasons why farmers consider wasabi the most difficult crop to grow of all time.

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