ReviewsFiiO FT3 review (2023) new open-back dynamic driver headphone

FiiO FT3 review (2023) new open-back dynamic driver headphone

The FiiO FT3 is a new open-back dynamic headphone designed to handle a relatively high 350Ω load.


Design and Comfort
Sound Quality


The FiiO FT3 is a balanced and crisp sounding headphone with good resolution, good body, good dynamics and good imaging. It has a clean and coherent signature with a good sense of warmth and an immersive performance.

With the release of its first over-ear model, the FiiO FT3, Fiio is now the newest company vying to establish itself in this market. Fiio produces more goods than Moondrop and Thieaudio put together, so the FT3’s release was eagerly anticipated. The headphones’ launch was postponed from the end of last year to the beginning of 2023, and they are now sold for $299 in the majority of international markets. The FiiO FT3 is already very alluring at that price point, so let’s find out if Fiio was able to get the formula right on the first try and whether the FT3 can compete with products like the Sennheiser HD6XX.

FiiO FT3: Description

Fiio’s portfolio, which includes DACs like the Q7 and K9 Pro, is characterized by a distinctive design language that favors bold styling and sharp lines. As a result, it’s understandable that the FT3 has an aggressive appearance that may not suit everyone’s tastes. To Fiio’s credit, the company didn’t cut corners with the FT3’s chassis, which is made entirely of high-quality aluminum. Although the spoke-like design on the outside of the ear cups with the Fiio logo in the center doesn’t exactly scream premium, it is a distinctive look that blends in with the rest of Fiio’s product line.

Despite some design flaws, the FT3 has a lot of positive aspects. Plenty of airflow is provided by the headset’s open back, and FiiO chose a self-adjustable, comfortable headband in the style of a suspension. Leather makes up the headband and suspension system, and the latter has enough padding. While the FT weighs 391g, it is not as clumsy as the Venus or Wraith and its design ensures that the weight is distributed evenly over your head.

FiiO FT3: Pros and Cons


  • Great bass response
  • Huge Soundstage


  • Design won’t be to everyone’s tastes
  • Cable isn’t designed for portability

Specification Table

TypeIn-Ear Monitors
Driver TypeDynamic
Impedance32 Ohms
Sensitivity104 dB/mW
Frequency Range10 Hz – 40 kHz
Cable Length1.2 meters
Connector3.5mm audio jack
WeightApprox. 18 grams
Water ResistanceIPX5
Official LinkVisit Website

FiiO FT3: Design and Comfort

Fiio FT3 review

Massive airflow potential is offered by the open, all-aluminum design of the FiiO FT3, and the driver’s 60mm push-pull suction is no joke. However, the headphones obviously leak a lot of sound. It is not even remotely closed, so refrain as doing so will make everyone on the plane angry. In light of this, the bulky and heavy design is difficult to use, despite having an appealing overall appearance. Soon after receiving them, we tried to sit outside on a pleasant day, and a neighbor who knows what I do for a living said, “Oh! those fresh? They appear cool.

So, take that as confirmation that they do, at the very least, appear interesting. We tend to agree that there is something particularly appealing about the perforated grill hiding behind the spoked FiiO design. Although my opinion of the FT3 headband suspension system is incredibly subjective, we don’t like it. When there are fantastic and straightforward arc designs elsewhere, I dislike bulky headbands that are unnecessary heavy. Although the FT3 weighs 391g, it rests on the head very comfortably and with the right balance. Suede and leather earpads are both incredibly plush, soft, and comfortable.

Because we have no hair on my head and prefer to shave it, all band suspension designs like this feel strange to me and I don’t like the headband. However, it should be very cozy for those who have hair. The material on the underside of the headband area is silky, and it feels strange on bare skin for people who shave their heads. Additionally, I believe that when a cup styling of this kind is also used, the suspension design is not necessary. The FT3 is open in design and doesn’t require extra caliper pressure to perform admirably, so there is no need for additional clamping.

FiiO FT3: Sound Quality

Fiio FT3 review

First things first, the FT3 needs adequate power to shine those 60mm drivers since it is a 350 headphone. Therefore, we believe that in order to fully enjoy the personality and performance of the FT3, you must have a suitable desktop system. Only powerful portable systems would function well. The FiiO FT3 is a crisp-sounding, well-balanced headphone with good resolution, body, dynamics, and imaging. It performs well and has a clean, cogent signature with a pleasing sense of warmth. we didn’t anticipate FiiO to produce such serious audiophile headphones, but they do have a good one on their hands.

The earpads you use have a significant impact on the bass performance of the FT3, which affects the bass response. The bass has a powerful impact with the suede pads because it hits hard and bounces back quickly. When the recording calls for them, the sub-bass rumbles together with a good mid-bass body. This has good resolution, good punch, and good texture. Again, the FT3’s mids have a different sound depending on the ear pads. If we begin with the suedes once more, the mids are definitive, warm, and forward. With reasonable resolution and separation, the sound quality is respectably clean for the price. With the suede earpads, the tonality is very appealing because the mids sound very natural and full.

The mids are a little bit pushed back by the leather earpads, but overall they are still quite distinct and in your face. However, I believe that this approach results in a more realistic soundstage that sounds natural, fluid, and smooth with good positioning. This track has good definition, particularly in the vocals. The timbre is also good, but I sometimes feel like the vocals and instruments are too shouty. But overall, it’s lively and realistic. Although slightly off, the tonal accuracy is good, and the vocals are particularly strong and breathy.

Final Words

Fiio is making a strong statement in the headphone market with the FT3. The headset stands out thanks to its aggressive styling and all-aluminum construction, and you also get a premium cable with interchangeable connectors. The FT3 may not have an elegant design, but you should buy them for the sound quality, which puts them among the best in the $300 range.

The FT3 sounds great across a wide range of genres and has some of the best imaging in its class thanks to its excellent low-end, which has plenty of rumble and character, detailed mids, and good treble extension. You are getting a great deal for what you are ultimately paying here.


Is the FiiO X3 good?

The FiiO X3 is a pocket-sized, low-cost music player that is compatible with high-resolution music formats. The sound is superior to that of the typical mobile phone, and we like the honed shape. A benefit of the player is that it can function as a USB-DAC for a computer.

What does FiiO do?

The majority of users have given FiiO’s high-resolution digital audio players, portable headphone amplifiers, DACs, and earphones positive reviews; we design, manufacture, and sell these products at affordable prices to those who enjoy music and style.

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The FiiO FT3 is a balanced and crisp sounding headphone with good resolution, good body, good dynamics and good imaging. It has a clean and coherent signature with a good sense of warmth and an immersive performance.FiiO FT3 review (2023) new open-back dynamic driver headphone