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How to Find the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet False Dragon Titan is on the Northeast Island of Casseroya Lake. It will show up if you talk to the orange Tatsugiri. The False Dragon Titan is actually a big Dondozo, and it works with Tatsugiri to lure in prey so that the False Dragon Titan can jump in and attack. This article show How to Find the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

This titan is the strongest, and if you’re not ready for it, fighting it can be one of the hardest parts of the game. Even though it is called a dragon, this titan is a fish that lives in water. Bring strong grass or electric Pokemon that can stand up after taking a strong water hit.

Since this titan is likely to be the last one you’ll face, beating it is more of a marathon than a sprint. Find out how to find Dondozo and Tatsugiri and how to get ready for the False Dragon Titan boss fight in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by reading on.

How to Find the False Dragon Titan

  1. Go to Lake Casseroya, to get the false dragon
  2. Start at Medali and go straight across the water, or glide down from Glaseado Mountain.
  3. Get close enough for Arven to call you. He will say that no one has seen the False Dragon Titan and that he hopes someone will tell you where to look.
  4. Using Koraidon or Miraidon, swim to the island where the marker is.
  5. When you get to the island, you’ll see fish swimming around.
  6. Look for the fish that says “Taitaaan!” at the southern tip of the island.

How To Beat False Dragon Titan Dondozo

  1. Dondozo is a Water-type Pokemon that is also known as the summon False Dragon Titan.
  2. At level 55, Dondozo is the most powerful of all the Titans.
  3. Use powerful moves like Grass and Electric-type attacks to beat Dondozo.
  4. Dondozo is good at defense, so it might take more than one attack to hurt it.
  5. Once Dondozo has done enough damage, he will run away.
  6. Find another Tatsugiri on an island nearby to start the second part of the fight.

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What level is false dragon Titan in Pokemon Violet?

It is recommended that for this titan, your Pokémon is around level 55. Once the battle begins, you’ll realize this isn’t a dragon type but a massive fish. Dondozo is a water type, and your best bet at winning is using grass or electric-type Pokémon with strong damage attacks.

How do you fight the false dragon Titan in Pokemon Violet?

Dondozo is a level 55 water type Pokémon, which makes it the strongest titan you’ve faced so far. Your best bet would be to use a Pokémon either on the same or higher level than Dondozo, ensuring that it knows either electric or grass type moves so that you could get the type advantage in this battle.

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