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Fix: Cellular option missing in Windows 11/10

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to fix the cellular option missing in Windows.

If you access the internet through a cellular connection, you can find the option to do so listed on the right-hand side of the Network and Internet tab in the Settings menu of Windows 10. There are times when it is not there. In the following article, you will learn how to Fix Cellular option missing in Windows 11/10. The Cellular option will appear in the right pane of the Network and Internet Settings window on your Windows 10 personal computer once you have inserted a modem or adapter for a cell phone into the port of a laptop or desktop computer.

Even after inserting the device into the port, if the Cellular option is not present, you will not be able to connect the adapter to your computer in order to access the internet. The fact that this option is not present can be attributed to the fact that the adapter in question has been disabled in some capacity within Network Connection Settings. It is only necessary for you to turn on the Cellular option for it to be displayed in the menu.

Why Cellular option missing in Windows

  • There is no cellular modem on your device. Because they don’t have cellular modems, some laptops and tablets can’t connect to cellular networks. If your device doesn’t have a cellular modem, Windows won’t let you choose the Cellular option.
  • The cell modem on your device is turned off. If your device has a cellular modem, it might not be working. Open the Settings app and go to Network & Internet > Cellular to see if your device’s cellular modem is on. Make sure the “Cellular” toggle switch is turned on.
  • The cellular plan on your device is not turned on. If your device has a cellular plan, you must activate it before you can use it to connect to cellular networks. Contact your cellular carrier to turn on the cellular plan for your device.
Fix: Cellular option missing in Windows
  • The drivers for your device are either out of date or broken. Drivers that are out of date or broken can cause problems with the hardware of your device, including the cellular modem. To update the drivers for your device, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your device.
  • Your phone is set to “Airplane mode.” If your device is in “Airplane mode,” it won’t be able to connect to any networks, including cellular networks. Open the Action Center and click on the icon for Airplane mode to turn off Airplane mode.

Fixed: Cellular option missing in Windows

Check for Windows Updates

  1. To open Windows Settings, press the Win+I keys.
  2. Updates and safety: Click “Update & Security.”
  3. Choose “Windows Update” from the list on the left.
  4. Look for Changes: Click the “Check for updates” button. Update anything that needs it.

Troubleshoot Network Adapter

  1. Start the Device Manager: Rightclick on the “Start” button and choose “Device Manager.”
  2. Network adapters: In the “Network adapters” section, expand the section.
  3. Update Drivers: Rightclick on your network adapter(s) and choose “Update driver.” To update the driver software, follow the steps on the screen.
  4. Restart Your Computer: After you’ve updated the drivers, restart your computer.

Use the Network Reset Tool

  1. Open Settings, then head to Network & internet.
  2. Select Status and scroll down to Network reset.
  3. Select Reset now

Show the Hidden Drivers in Windows 10

  1. Right-click on “Start” and then click “Device Manager.”
  2. Click Show hidden devices in the View menu.
  3. Expand the list of Network adapters and see if the adapter can now be seen.
  4. Click Action > Scan for hardware changes if the adapter is still not there.

Enable the Cellular option using Quick Settings Panel in Windows 11

  1. To open the Quick Settings panel, click on the Network, Volume, or Battery icon in the taskbar system tray.
  2. To turn it on, click the Cellular quick setting icon.
  3. To connect to a cellular data network, connect to a profile or add a new profile.
  4. Use the same quick setting for Cellular to turn it off or make it not work.

Turn on the Cellular option

  1. To open the Settings app, right-click the Start button and choose Settings from the menu.
  2. Go to the Network and Internet category
  3. Choose the mode that says “Airplane.” Do not turn on “Airplane mode.” You only need to get to it.
  4. Use the Cellular toggle in the section for wireless devices to turn it on or off.


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