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Fix ‘Disney Plus ZIP Code Error’ Issue

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Check Fix ‘Disney Plus ZIP Code Error’ Issue

There are few things more tragic than sitting on your couch with your favorite streaming device and finding out that Disney Plus isn’t working. But if you suddenly discover that Disney Plus isn’t working, don’t give up just yet; There are some pretty simple fixes that will allow you to access your must-have movies and shows in an instant, without the need for advanced titles or extensive research.

To get Disney + working again, the first step is to understand why it isn’t working at all. You may receive a Disney Plus connection error message because there is an internet or device problem. Or you may receive an error message due to a problem with your Disney + account.

Have a Disney Plus error code? Try these things first

Check your internet connection

We know, basic, right? But the Disney Plus system requires a standard speed of 5 Mbps to deliver its content to the screen of your choice. You may want to try resetting your modem if you have connection problems.

Sign out of the Disney Plus app and sign in again

It may not sound like much, but it can solve a few problems.

Delete the application from your device or TV and download it again

This is the most complete version of resetting the application.

Disney Plus error codes explained: what the numbers mean

If all of the above have failed you, try these handy tips to resolve some of the more common error codes that have been popping up.

Error code 4: transaction problem

Disney Plus is not free. This error refers to your account and you may need to sign out and sign in again to see if the problem is fixed. You will also want to verify your billing details. You must use a valid card in your country.

Error code 5: problem with account information

If you have somehow made a mistake in your login information, this message will appear. Be sure to verify your details.

Error code 7: email or password problem

Disney Plus is having trouble with the password or email you selected, or there is an error in what you are entering. Check it out before you ruin your viewing experience.

Error code 8: invalid email or password

Just make sure you have the correct details.

Error code 9: login or payment problem

Make sure you were not logged out by accident. And check your data for good measure.

Error code 11: content availability

Not all service is available everywhere, so make sure the movie or show you are looking for is offered at your location. Try to reestablish your internet connection and be aware that using a VPN with Disney Plus is likely to affect the system.

Error code 13: device limit reached

You can use up to four different devices with the service and create user profiles for up to seven people. If you are an advanced user with many devices, you may need to log out of the ones you use the least. Oh, and don’t share your login details. Not that you would.

Error code 22: restricted content

Make sure you haven’t set the system to Kids Mode, which even in Disney’s Family Apps space can restrict some of the programming.

Error code 24: connection or sign-in problem

Check your internet connection, make sure HYDRA hasn’t compromised your network in any way, and restart your modem. Also try logging out and logging back in, or checking your billing details.

Error code 25: internal error

Disney Plus is having some problems. Talk to him kindly. Tell him he’s a good … Okay, not that. Try logging out and logging back in, and if that is not resolved, please contact Disney Plus support using the details above.

Error code 30: device registration problem

Check that your device is compatible with Disney Plus. The full list is here.

Error code 31 – Location problem

Disney Plus is slowly rolling out around the world, so if you’re being sneaky and trying to use a VPN to bypass your location check, that could be the problem. Try resetting your device’s location settings.

Error code 32: login or password problem

Please sign out and sign in again, and check that you have the correct login details for your account. Reminder: 123456 is a terrible password.

Error code 35/36: restricted content

As with code 22 above, check the availability of the content. Disable any VPN, check your location settings, and make sure you’re not in Kids Mode.

Error code 38: time setting

A strange one, this one. Make sure the time setting on your device (usually a more significant issue on tablets and phones) is set to “automatic” or aligned with world clock time.

Error code 41: playback problem

This occurs when the Disney Plus servers feel the tension of everyone trying to download the same show or movie. You can try to resolve this problem by restarting the device or by logging out and logging in again. And you may need to be patient while they try to fix the problem. Go spend time outside!

Error code 42: connection problems with your service

This is a general concept, which means that Disney Plus is having problems on its own or is a problem with its internet service. The content of the application has been in such high demand that it is unlikely that it will always work, and you will have to wait for the technical team to fix it. Please try to reestablish your own internet service, otherwise please be patient; Given the company’s resources, this won’t happen forever, but as with Netflix, etc., there may be issues from time to time.

Error code 73: location availability problem

As with error code 31, this refers to some of the content not yet available everywhere. Sensitive rights issues in different countries mean that some movies, especially, are being held until Disney has the right to show them. Check your location settings and disable VPNs – the software can detect that kind of thing.

Error code 86: account locked, breach of terms of service

This can be serious. You need to make sure the account holder is over 18, that a VPN doesn’t interfere with the service, make sure their location settings are correct, and if all of that doesn’t work, contact Disney support. Plus.

Error code 87: login or password problem

Do the usual tricks on this one: log out and log back in, verify your login details are correct, and make sure R2D2 hasn’t been messing with your settings. He’s cunning, that droid.

Final remarks: Fix ‘Disney Plus ZIP Code Error’ Issue

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