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Fix ‘FaceTime Not Working’ Issue on iOS 15

This tutorial is about Fix ‘FaceTime Not Working’ Issue on iOS 15. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, Fix ‘FaceTime Not Working’ Issue on iOS 15. If your answer is yes after reading the article, please share this article with your friends and family to support us.
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Check Fix ‘FaceTime Not Working’ Issue on iOS 15

Apple’s FaceTime feature provides a free and convenient way to make video calls to other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. While the feature works smoothly for the most part, FaceTime issues and connectivity issues can occasionally occur. Several users reported that they are unable to initiate or participate in FaceTime audio and video calls after updating to iOS 15. They also said that they are being interrupted in the middle of a FaceTime call.

This can be frustrating if you can’t figure out the reason why you are having issues with FaceTime in iOS 15. FaceTime is one of Apple’s proprietary video calling services or apps for its iPhone and Mac devices. Now many iOS 15 users are complaining that FaceTime unexpectedly not working on iOS 15. So if in case, you also experience FaceTime crashing or crashing or not opening on your iPhone, then don’t worry.

Fix ‘FaceTime not working’ issue in iOS 15

Restart your iPhone

The first thing you can do is simply restart your iPhone or hard reset it to easily clear potential crashes or cache data issues (if any). To do it:

  • Press the Volume Up key quickly and release it > Press the Volume Down key quickly and release it.
  • Then hold down the Power key for a while to open the Power menu on your iPhone.
  • Now, slide to turn off the device.
  • Once the iPhone is off, wait for a couple of seconds and then turn it back on.

Check your internet connection

It is also important to properly check your Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection, whether there is a problem with the Internet connection or not. If somehow the Internet connection does not work as expected or if there is a technical error, be sure to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for further assistance.

Check your FaceTime settings

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Go to Cellular.
  • Scroll down to the list of installed apps and make sure FaceTime is turned on. [If not, turn it on]
  • Restart your iPhone and then check for the problem.

If FaceTime is already activated for mobile data, please refer to the following steps, whether the FaceTime settings are correct or not.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down the page and tap on FaceTime.
  • Make sure the FaceTime toggle is on.
  • You must also verify your Apple ID and the phone number below.

Sign out of FaceTime and sign back in

It may also be possible that your FaceTime account cache data is causing such problem. Make sure to sign out of FaceTime and then sign back into your account to clear any possible crashes or cache data issues (if any). To do it:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone > Scroll down the page and tap on FaceTime.
  • Tap the Apple ID within the page > Tap Sign Out.
  • Once you’ve signed out of your FaceTime account, make sure to restart your iPhone.
  • Go to the FaceTime page again in Settings > Tap Use your Apple ID for FaceTime.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID credentials and search for more information about the issue.

Update your iPhone

There’s also a good chance that your iPhone hasn’t been updated for a while and has become sufficiently outdated. Or the existing version has a bug and you are still using it instead of installing the latest updated version.

  • Open Settings > General > Software Update.
  • It will automatically check for software updates and if available, you can download and install the update.
  • You may need to enter the device passcode (if prompted).
  • Once installed, the device will reboot automatically and it may take some time.

Check FaceTime availability with your region

You should also check whether FaceTime service is available in your country or not. You can check Apple Support for more information. If there is an issue with availability, you can try using a VPN app on your iPhone to bypass geo-restrictions. However, that is not confirmed if it will work or not. You should try it yourself.

Update the FaceTime app

It’s also worth mentioning to check for FaceTime app updates and install the latest version (if available). Just open Apple App Store > Search for FaceTime and then update it. Once updated, reboot your device and check for the issue again. If the FaceTime app is already up to date, then head over to the next method.

Check if your date and time are set to automatic

Needless to say, your FaceTime app can cause problems with your date and time settings. So make sure to check the date and time settings on your device. To do it:

  • Open Settings > General > Date & time > Turn on the Set automatically option.
  • You should also confirm the time zone or time server depending on the region.

Disable / Enable FaceTime in Settings

Sometimes turning FaceTime off and on from your iPhone’s Settings menu can also eliminate potential glitches. To do that:

  • Open Settings > Scroll down the page and tap on FaceTime.
  • If the FaceTime switch is already on, turn it off.
  • Now, wait for a couple of seconds and then turn it back on.

Final remarks: Fix ‘FaceTime Not Working’ Issue on iOS 15

I hope you understand this article, Fix ‘FaceTime Not Working’ Issue on iOS 15. If your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes, please share this article with your friends and family to give us your support.

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