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Fix ‘Ghost Touch Issue’ on iPhone

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Check Fix ‘Ghost Touch Issue’ on iPhone

You can solve the iPhone ghost touch problem by removing anything that may have damaged the screen, such as dirt and moisture, a screen protector, or a fitted case. A reboot or factory reset can be used to fix software glitches. My iPhone started having this problem a few weeks ago, and to say it was irritated would be an understatement. It ended up calling people, launching apps, and sending random messages on its own. I did my job to fix it and finally got it done, so I’m here to share my knowledge with you. Now, let’s see how to solve the ghost touch issue on your iPhone.

What causes ghost touch on iPhone?

Some of the common causes of ghost touch on iPhone are discussed below:

Touch screen replaced/removed during repair

Screen sensitivity and ghost touch issue is usually found in some new Apple devices where touch screen is replaced or removed during repair.

Digitize manufacturing defects

Sometimes ghost touch is due to a defect in digitized manufacturing. In digitized manufacturing, there can be a flaw in the back office and supply chain application, a flaw in factory automation, a flaw in data analysis, and many more. As if it had the potential to disrupt every part of the show. Therefore, it may cause due to improper installation of the program.

hardware problems

It can also be the reason for the hardware problem because sometimes the hardware of the mobile causes such issues and problems. You can diagnose your hardware problem in your iPhone settings, go to privacy, and then click diagnosis and usage. There you can see a list of error logs.

Software bugs like iOS update

Another common reason for ghost touch is a bug in software like iOS 15 update. If there is any bug in the update, it can affect the sensitivity of the screen and you may experience very irritating ghost touch.

How to fix Ghost Touch on iPhone without data loss?

If you are afraid of losing data on iPhone while fixing ghost touch, then you don’t need to worry because there is an especially useful and convenient iPhone tool that can solve all your problems in one go. iToolab FixGo is an extremely useful tool that will solve almost 200+ iOS/iPadOS system issues at home like a pro. It is a life-saving tool for iOS 15 update issues. It has 2 repair modes which can solve your iPhone problem effectively. Not only this tool is compatible with many iOS devices and versions. How to use “FixGo”? This guide will help you show how to use “FixGo” step by step on your iDevices. The following are easy 3-step troubleshooting methods:

Connect the device to PC or laptop

First of all, please connect your faulty device to PC or laptop with a data cable and double click “Fix Now” to start. If the tool fails to detect the faulty device, it is recommended to put your device in recovery mode. If it still doesn’t show your device, you need to click “Enter DFU Mode” to put your device into DFU mode.

Download firmware package

Next, you need to install the latest firmware program on the device. Click “Browse” to select the path, and then click “Download” to download the latest firmware. If you have already installed the firmware, you only need to select the firmware to import it manually.

Solve the problem

Now the last and main step is to fix the problem. You just need to click the “Fix Now” button to fix your iPhone. “FixGo” will scan your entire device and detect the error in a few minutes and start to fix it. Now you have the best tips to fix this tricky issue of how to fix ghost touch on iPhone. Also, the excellent repair tool – FixGo can fix any iOS issues on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without data loss. And see the 7 common ways to fix iPhone ghost touch below.

Final words: Fix ‘Ghost Touch Issue’ on iPhone

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