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Fix Microsoft Teams White Screen

In this article we will teach you how to Fix Microsoft Teams White Screen issue. Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform with document sharing, online meetings and many other extremely useful business communication features it is considered as one of the most loved communication app for professional purposes. An excellent team space is key to being able to make creative decisions and communicate with each other. Shared workspace software makes this much easier to achieve, especially when a given team is based in a very large company, has many remote employees, or is made up of a significant number of team members.

Microsoft Teams is the next step for Microsoft Skype for Business. Teams has finally rolled out to all users currently using Skype for Business as part of the Office 365 applications. Teams users are facing Microsoft Teams White Screen issue lately and there is no official news from Microsoft about it. It’s so frustrating as when your Microsoft Teams doesn’t recognize your camera during a meeting.

Being a relatively new application for an organization, it has a learning curve and the app itself is far from perfect. The potential the app has over its predecessor is insane. It takes social networking with your colleagues at work to another level, and the way you can keep track of all files and conversations certainly makes it a better alternative to Skype for Business. Below we have steps to fix white screen issue on Microsoft Teams.

4 Methods to Fix Microsoft Teams White Screen Issue

Restart Teams

You can simply right-click the team app icon in the system tray and select Exit to close the app. Then you can restart it to check if the problem persists. If not, fine. Otherwise, continue with the troubleshooting methods outlined below.

End the Teams Task

Most of the time this problem can be resolved by ending its Task under the Task Manager.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 task manager

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Microsoft Teams entry.

Step 3: When found, right-click it and select the End Task option.

Step 4: Open the Teams again and see if it solves your problem.

Clear the Teams Cache

Step 1: Open Windows Run Command Dialog Box

Step 2: type %appdata%MicrosoftTeams.

Step 3: Hit the Enter key.

Step 4: This will open File Explorer with a folder containing the Teams files.

Step 5: Select all folders, right-click them and choose the Delete option to remove them from your computer.

Step 6: Once done, Restart Windows PC and check if the problem persists.

You need to use the Task Manager app to close the Teams app and its related activities in such cases.

Repair Microsoft Teams

If you’re experiencing this problem with Microsoft Teams quite frequently, try to repair it. It won’t affect the app’s data in any way.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Go to Apps > Apps & Features and locate Microsoft Teams from the apps list.

Step 3: Click the entry to go to Advanced options.

Step 4: Then, hit the Repair button to allow Microsoft to find and fix the issue automatically.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Fix Microsoft Teams White Screen issue will help you and resolve all your problems. Microsoft Teams is a workspace in Microsoft 365 – formerly known as Office 365. It is integrated with all Microsoft applications, including traditional Microsoft Office apps like Outlook.

Hundreds of thousands of companies, organizations, schools, colleges and universities are already using it. Though being an application it is very common to have issues like this but using above methods you can try to resolve the white screen issue. Still if you are facing this issue you again and again can also other Team Communication Apps

I hope you understand this article, Fix Microsoft Teams White Screen.

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James Hogan
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