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How to Fix Origin Bad Image error in Windows

Fix the Origin Bad Image error in Windows with these effective solutions.

Origin, crafted by Electronic Arts (EA), stands as a digital gaming hub renowned for its extensive assortment of video games and associated content. This platform simplifies the processes of purchasing, downloading, and engaging in gameplay. Furthermore, it facilitates multiplayer gaming, digital rights management, and communication. However, like any software, Origin grapples with glitches and errors. A recurrent issue encountered by certain users Fix Origin Bad Image error in Windows.

This “Bad Image” error originates from the Windows operating system’s core functionality. It emerges when Windows endeavors to execute files that are either corrupted or incompatible with the operating system. The “Bad Image” designation indicates that the afflicted program possesses one or more files that do not align with its operational requisites. Consequently, this impedes the software’s seamless functioning.

What Causes Origin Bad Image error in Windows?

  • Poor picture file. This error usually happens when the image file is in the wrong format, which happens a lot in Microsoft Visual C++-based programs. Error 0xc000012f usually happens when a computer doesn’t have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files that programs need to run.
  • Files that are wrong. This error can also be caused by executables or DLL files that are broken, missing, or not compatible with each other. This error might be fixed by re-registering the DLL files.
How to Fix Origin Bad Image error in Windows
  • DLL not the same. There may be a problem with the version or bitness of the Visual C++ Redistributable runtime libraries.
  • The system has malware. Malware can sometimes cause this error to happen if the computer has been infected with it. So, you might want to use an antimalware program to check it. We want you to use Combo Cleaner to check your system.

What does Bad image mean?

A bad image error means that there is something wrong with the files that are needed to start and run a program. Here are a few things that could cause the error:

  • Missing DLL files: One of the main reasons you get the Origin Bad Image is because you are missing DLL files. MSVCR120 dll error is caused by DLL files that are missing or broken. The Virtual C++ Redistributable Package comes with the MSVCR120.dll file.
  • Outdated graphics driver: Some people also had the problem because their graphics driver was out of date. Most of the time, the problem affects AMD users more than other people.
  • System files that aren’t working right: If the system files aren’t working right, the DLLs won’t work right, and you’ll get the Origin Bad Image error.

How to Fix Origin Bad Image error in Windows

Run as Administrator

  1. Run Origin as administrator to ensure system file access.
  2. Right-click the Origin executable or shortcut.
  3. From the context menu, choose “Run as administrator”.
  4. The error may persist.

Check for DirectX Updates

  1. Origin frequently uses DirectX. Install the latest DirectX:
  2. Search “dxdiag” in Windows and press Enter.
  3. Check the System tab of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool for DirectX version.
  4. Update Microsoft DirectX from the official download page if it’s outdated.

Run Origin.exe with admin privilege

  1. Find the folder on your local drive where you installed the Origin client or game.
  2. Rightclick on the Origin.exe file at the given spot.
  3. From the context menu, choose “Run as administrator.”
  4. When prompted by UAC, click Yes to confirm the process.

Repair/Update/Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable

  1. Open the app for Settings.
  2. Click “Apps” on the left side of the screen.
  3. Now, scroll down on the right pane of Apps & features.
  4. Click on the ellipsis (three vertical dots) next to the Visual C++ Redistributable that is giving you trouble.
  5. Choose Change.
  6. Click “Fix.”
  7. Follow the steps shown on the screen to finish the repair.

Run System File Checker

  1. SFC repairs corrupted system files that may cause errors:
  2. Search “cmd” in Windows, right-click “Command Prompt,” and select “Run as administrator.”
  3. Enter the following command: SFC/Scannow
  4. Let the scan finish and follow prompts to fix corrupted files.


What is the bad image error in origin?

Bad Image errors happen when Windows can’t run the programs you tried to run, usually because an update corrupted the files and libraries needed to run the program. In this case, the problem can be fixed by removing the ‘problematic’ update.

What is c000021a 0xC000012F?

This error happens when a user-mode subsystem, like WinLogon or the Client Server Run-Time Subsystem (CSRSS), has been fatally compromised and security can no longer be guaranteed. The operating system responds by switching to kernel mode. Without WinLogon or CSRSS, Microsoft Windows won’t work.

What is error code c000021a on Windows 10?

STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED is what the error code 0xC000021A means. When a critical process fails, like WinLogon (winlogon.exe) or the Client Server Run-Time Subsystem (csrss.exe), this error appears. The STOP 0xC000021A error is shown when the kernel sees that either of these services has stopped.

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